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  • John M ·
    Hey Folks looking for decals. I have made these all open source. Download the files and print on vinyl at your local print shop. See my signature for info to download.

    Best Regards,
    John M.

    Decal Library
    Alfa Decal Instructions Thread
    Greetings John

    Do you have a complete set of under hood decals for a Series 4 Spider, and at what cost please?
    you must have answered this question a 1000 times here on this forum, so i apologize in advance.

    if not where may i find the correct vinyl sheets for printing your amazing work. the only other ?? would be who can print in such a high resolution.

    have a great weekend and thank you
    Spud ·
    Hello John M and Gubi

    I have a 1990 Graduate. The number 8 fuse keeps blowing when the engine idylls up to 175 degrees (according to the temperature gauge), then the battery light comes on, the engine runs slightly rough for a couple of seconds, the fuse blows, the engine rpm increases for a few seconds, all the instruments in the cluster no longer function. I retrieved the error code from the Motronic ECU which is 1265. What would you recommend I do next? ((By the way, I located the ground wire junction for the cluster instruments (ground from pin D-4 on the cluster to a screw connection behind the driver seat or left rear compartment) and cleaned the connections and put dielectric grease on it); no change in the problem))

    Please help me if you can.


    Andrea00512 ·
    Hi John,

    I'm looking for a correct FISPA air box label, till now with no results.
    I several year I just found a photo of a genuine FISPA air box with its own label. I would like to complete my GT2000Veloce with all the right engine labels. Can you help me?

    my email address is [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.
    photo-viking ·
    Hello John, I am searching for a decal set to Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV 105.44. Can you supply these decals,- especially those two one the Fispa air filter canister ?

    Best regards Tommy Lindberg,
    Alfa4108 ·
    John, thanks for the info on the boot. I just received two new forks which I have to rerivet to the hard plastic. My problem is I cannot identify which one is left and which one is right. I just purchase the 92 in November and I am totally enjoying. I love the tinkering. my last Alfa was back in the late 70's early 80's. Forgot how much fun they are. Thanks again for your input. Happy New Year.... Nick
    Alfa4108 ·
    Hi John I was looking at some old post and I came across your pictures of the black/red boot. Can you tell me what is holding down the front ( just behind the seats) of the boot? Are there clips and do you know if they are available? Just purchase a 92 Spider and they seem to be missing. Thank you so much
    NBCZero ·
    Hello John,

    I am interested in finding out if you sell the labels/stickers you created and if so how much would it be for the arched FISPA "Filtro combustible" one? If you don't sell these as stickers, do you happen to offer the PDF to people?

    Thank you for your time :).

    nomlits ·

    I have purchased a spider recently and wonder if the kentucky club is still active.

    I am from frankfort and would like to be a part of the club if it is still active.

    James Richardson
    toysrrus ·
    Hi There JohnM,

    I`m looking for Decals / Stickers for my `73 Alfa Spider (Under Hood etc etc) to include an Orig. Jack Sticker. What do you offer, How much etc.

    Thanx, Russ
    Email: [email protected]
    johndewaele ·
    Hi John,
    You were going to put together a set of stickers for my 74 Spyder; do you know if the European air box sticker is available?
    Also, I was looking at your post and diagram on the window mech. Do you have a diagram that shows the pass. side. I popped a cable off a roller and I am going nuts trying to figure it out. My simple mind would be at ease with a diagram showing the pass side view.
    John [email protected]
    spadpilot ·
    Hello John...I understand that you are the best source for Alfa engine bay stickers/decals and tags. At some point in its life everything to do with identification was stripped from my 73 105.21. Can you help?
    [email protected]
    greg in vegas ·
    Hi John M,

    I'm pretty new to owning an Alfa Spider ('91, 2000 Veloce), and one thing I have noted is that owning such a beautiful car is like a work of art that needs a lot of TLC! Now, I have found that my VVT has worked its way loose as per your thread from '96. Simply, the rubber has deteriorated and melted into almost nothing. Could you please point me towards the correct tape to buy to fix this? I have done quite a bit of google research but am unable to find the exact kind of tape you mention.

    I appreciate your time in helping us less knowledgeable folks!

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