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  • alfaward ·
    Joe, Ward here in Atlanta. I have your MF exhaust and paddle plates already. Love both. For your wheel spacers how is the fitment if I have the TRACK PACK. Im pretty low and tight on the wheel arches already. Just want to be sure I don't run into tire rub issues.

    And, do you have better ALIGNMENT specs than original? I've seen another post and just want to be sure your input is considered before I change. And if I get the spaces, any update then?

    Womo ·
    Hi Joe

    Could I get an email address for Centreline so I can send a list of the trim parts I am after?


    Andretti ·
    hi i was wondering if you had any pictures of the performance Rear Lowering Springs on the Milano. i would like to see how low 2.0" would look like
    bianchi1 ·
    hello. i hope you answer this is very easy/..the bellhousing if you have an extra one laying about up to no good... i need to know this.. with the motor side of the bellhousing on the floor, what id the distance from the floor to the top( where the gearbox is mounted too)? in cm's if possable.. thanks
    green 69 gtv ·
    Hi Joe. I just received one of your centerline replacement electronic ignition distributors and am having a lot of trouble installing it. The 2 teeth on the distributor shaft are a few microns larger all around compared to those on the Mirelli it is replacing. Have you ever heard of anyone having to file these teeth down a bit. I just cannot get it to seat properly. Any suggestions would help.
    Thanks, John
    NOBLE 309 ·
    Doing a backdate exhaust system on a 86 spider.
    was going to get the &$ stock manafold and the magnflow system.
    But saw PH 115 header and wanted to know if you can just get the center and rear Magniflow system thx
    geneo ·
    joe, since no one responded to my plea for altitude jetting info, I thought I'd go to you direct. What jets do people run at your altitudes or higher. I'm at 7000. 40 dcoe 32's, 2 liter with 8l? cams. thanks gene,,, I'm gocorp (or Olsen)in your accounts
    NOBLE 309 ·
    Do you have any suggestions for cams that you sell for a L-tronic spider (86)?
    doing a rebuild and going with motronic pistons,backdate exhaust manafold, the forum ss exhaust system- with 02 bung ,lightend flywheel, electric fan..(emissions not a huge issue but i want it to run on the cleaner side)
    Do I keep the VVT or not?
    Wes ingram sugests his non VVT X-16 cams, IAP sugests the special VVT cam on intake only. (would rather buy the whole rebuild from you.)
    With the limited capacity of the FI I just want a fun free rev motor that feels alot sporter than stock (that can't be hard)
    Also would your head with the oversize valves be over kill?
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