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  • robo330 ·
    Hi Jim,
    This is Karl Robertson. I have been a Alfa Romeo Montreal owner for almost 35 years and currently make the Alfa Romeo Montreal Cylinder Head Nut Tool.
    There have been a few requests to make the Cylinder Head Removal Tool, with the latest request coming a few days ago.
    I believe that I can make one for other Montreal owners. I have a request to you, is there any chance of borrowing the Tool you have. That way I can duplicate it without too much trouble. As you have the Tool and know it works, I am sure that a copy will also work fine. I realize that many people do not like to lend their tools because of the possibility they will not get them back. I totally understand if you do not wish to let me borrow the Tool. All I can say is that I can guarantee you will get it back. Thank you. Karl Robertson 248) 766 9141 [email protected]
    1978alfa ·
    Hi Jim,

    I sold my 78 Alfetta GT to this guy named Andrew Conti.
    I sent a spare 78 driveshaft from another GT with the parts that I included with the car.
    Write to him and see if he wants to sell it.

    [email protected]

    autoxr13 ·

    I recently met someone that is interested in a GTV currently for sale in Gainesville, GA. Ironblock suggested that you may be able to do an inspection. If you know of the car, or would be willing to do an inspection please contact me.

    parthmer80877 ·
    Thanks Jim let me know when you receive it. I'm hoping to be able to use this on a 101 Giulietta 1961and a 1963 Giulia differential I have. Would this work with these? Thanks Bill
    Giulia Bianca ·
    Hello Jim,

    Do you still have heater valves available and are you willing to ship to Belgium ??
    I'm working on a GVT6, EU version, with AC, VERY rare on this side of the pond, and maybe need such a heater valve

    Best regards

    BryanL ·
    Thanks for the response Jim.
    I was thinking I would undo the cable at the transmission end and put it in a drill. Should the drill be in forward or reverse position to make the test?
    Assuming I have the key in the on position for power to the generator, should the speedo then register movement? I can have someone watch from inside the car.
    On your suggested fix using washers, I assume you would place the washers in the trains end correct?
    Maybe a new cable would then be the fix.
    Many thanks......Bryan
    BryanL ·
    Jim, thanks again for your help.Please pardon the personal message however I read your bio with reference to your experience with Alfa and I thought ...why not go straight to the expert.
    My remaining challenge is the speedo and odometer as both are inoperable. Everything else on the dash works. They worked intermittently for a few months then gave out. I know that this model uses a pulse generator and is not a straight cable driven setup. I've been through the fuses and all are ok. My plan of attack is to first undo the cable section as it enters the pulse generator, place a strip of tape on it. The tape will allow me to see if the cable is turning as I slowly drive. If it's ok, where should I look next? I know at some point I should check the connections behind the dash pod. In your experience is this a logical step by step approach. Should I suspect the pulse generator? Can they be fixed by a speedo shop. Any other things I should consider? Your response is very much appreciated.
    Little Italian ·
    Hi Jim:

    I saw your post about the Special Tools you have for setting up the differential. Yo indicated you have two of the C.6.0200 Reference tools. I wanted to see if you'd consider selling one. I have most all the differential tools and have set up and adjusted several rear ends. I purchased more than a complete set of pinion and carrier adjustment shims from Alfa Racambi years ago when they were available sixty-nine cents or something. The reference gauge I use is one I had made by a machine shop - has two vertical post of different heights. I'd like to complete the rearend / differential tool set I have. I'm only missing this gauge and the front pinion bearing extraction ring for the 2000 pinion.

    If interested in selling, please call me or email me.
    Bud Feigel
    Lexington, Kentucky
    859 382-4135
    [email protected]
    alfannn ·
    Hi Jim,
    I seem to be having a problem getting my message through. I am looking for a complete hydraulic tensioner to rebuild to replace my mechanical tensioner. My home address is:
    John Knudsen (314 686 3629)
    431 Gascony Way
    St. Louis, MO 63122
    If you will send me the cost of the tensioner and shipping, I will send a cashiers check.
    Thanks, John K.
    ADoherty ·
    Hi Jim,

    Good hint! Anyway, I set the crank on the P mark, then got the chain on and the cam marks look good. Rotate the engine a few times and rechecked. Cams look good but the crank pointer is now pointing on the P rather than the line next to it. I also tried setting the exh cam ahead a tad, setting the chain from the crank on and rotating the cam back so the mark lines up to make sure all slack was out, then doing the intake can and fastening the chain, but same thing. Am I missing another trick? Pointing to the P can't be correct. Also, I set it with the master link basically right between the cams, but after several revolutions and getting back to TDC compression, the master link is now much closer to the intake cam. If that is at all diagnostic. Hoping I get this sorted before it gets too cold...Haha

    Thanks again,

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