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  • photo-viking ·
    Hi JCDK,
    sorry I didn't see your reply until now.. Thanks for your reply. I'have bought a very nice 1600 ti grille and sourced an UK company that sells ok stone guards. I have to find someone that can help me with some careful welding them to the grille.
    On I found a guy that offered 4 NOS dark red door panels as close to original TI Super as possible to come. Instead of armrests I will use black roof grab handles. Your mailadress? I can send you photos. //Ciao, Tommy
    photo-viking ·
    Hello JCDK, I saw from your alfabb-profile you have a Giulia with some TI Super options.. can I ask you type and where you found the stone guards for the inner headlights? I have a -64 Giuila 1300 to be put back on the road with lot of patina (I am restoring a 1750 GTV in parallell) and with some "TI-Super Replica options... 1600 TI grill, 2600 instruments replacing the horisontal speedo, 1600 ti chrome strips around real lights, burgundery door panels etc..

    Saluti, Tommy
    JCDK ·
    Hi Dave,

    As my car is a "mere" widebody Bertone that I'm building purely for driving on the roads and the occasional track day, I had no intentions of keeping it true to the original so to say, so my wheels are the new Alfaholics 15" GTam replicas.

    I was going to buy 13 Inches before I knew these were coming so I'm using small uprights with the "old" Alfaholics 4 brake kit,(wich fits into 13") which is nothing more than a Hispec kit with a sticker.. (they do have their own series now). Discs are vented.
    In the 15 Inches everything will fit I'm sure...

    I also have their front suspension geometry pack.
    Blisteins front and back, and springs from Pascal Giacomini, a Dutch 105 guru.

    If you need more pics, let me know and mail ma an adress I can send them to.

    Kind regards,

    Dave Anderson ·
    I was looking at your photos on chassis strengthing and wondered what uprights, rotors and calipers you were using to mount the GTAm wheels? Would you share this info with me?
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