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  • Mikethree ·
    Hey i hope i dont inconvinience you but i am seeking help and i notice a post of yours asking exacly what i am planing to do , wich is installing a turbo on a alfa romeo nord engine in my case 1600 gt junior , i would like to know if you ended up doing it and if you did could you show me how you did it!
    bellum64 ·
    Dear Sir,
    my name is Ivan and i'm from Serbia. I run A164 TS SUPER and I just saw the pictures of A164 from your friend. I wonder does he have any more pictures from all side of car and where did he done his sticker on side of car? Thanks in adwance and sorry for my bad English
    Alfa_Japan ·
    Dear Sir,

    My name is Ronald. I run the "Registro Alfasud Giardinetta internazionale". In a post from you on this board I read that you were offered a South African Giardinetta back in 2005. Do you by any chance have data on that vehicle such as VIN number and/or pictures? It would be nice to add some details on the vehicle you was offered on the Giardinetta webpage

    In the same post back in 2005 you mentioned that you have Sud parts for sale. Is that still the case?

    Have a good weekend, Ronald
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