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  • ScubaPilot ·
    Jack, thanks for investing time to respond to my starter relay question. My new-to-me S4 is going in for comprehensive mechanical overhaul and I will add this to the list of projects. Again, thank you. Jim
    Saabguy ·
    I too have an S4. I installed the squadra chip a few years ago and have been very happy. Have you started the brakes? I planned to change mine this year. Centerline slotted rotors and stainless hoses. Waiting as they are out of stock. I'm interested if you installed the wilwoods and your impressions.
    Jack Straw ·
    Hi Pete,

    I was just going to email you. Yep, she arrived yesterday morning after several delays with the shipper. I was going a little crazy waiting but it all came right.

    I spent most of Saturday and today tinkering and taking a few short shakedown spins. It seems quite sound. I haven't found anything weird.....yet.

    I'd like to meet up sometime soon,. see your car and get your impressions of this S4.
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