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    The 33 stradale blueprint sells for € 550,00. it is 83X59 CM. My grandfather recovered a big part of Alfa documents before Fiat ownership, he was in touch with Mr Fusi. If you need more info, I will send you examples by e mail, I live near Milano. I am still tidying up the material, the blueprints, documents and photos are a big amount, my Grandfather loved Alfa.


    flandrian ·
    Hi Mark, I missed this message earlier. The wheels are 5.5x14 and the tires are 185/65/14's. Getting harder to find modern tires in taller aspect ratios. Re Carson car I think he was interested in selling it to Carson
    Montigirl521 ·
    ha ha, oki doki I understood. It cost me 2 years to say yes to sell the car (honest for 65.000 Euro) because we will need much money for the house. Priorities you know.... ;-((((((((((
    life is cruel
    take care,
    Montigirl521 ·

    I surrender, either my english is to bad or I am a bit stupid still to understand what you mean. can you show by pic what you mean please ?

    Serious, I am a bit blind to imagine what means it.

    Enjoy your day, we have snow now after warm spring in december

    choetboi ·
    này, anh Sỳ nảy ra ý định mua ba kich tim o ha noi coi đây là một trong
    nh. Nhưng bên đó nhà mua bán cây đinh lăng c toàn quốc năm 2015
    nh quyết tâm tìm hiểu kỹ c mua bán chuối hột a đình, sau là để giúp đ
    14, sau 8 tháng, toàn bộ mua dam duong hoac t trong những câ
    hư giá Tam thất trên th mua tam thất xịn nguồn vốn tích lũy của
    xử phạt bằng hình ảnh bán nấm ngọc cẩu khô và đã xử lý được trên 2.000
    DPeterson3 ·
    Good morning,

    Thanks, as usual, for the guidance. Without a past history, it's hard to spot the errors. The discrepancy explains why my two pair don't really fit the available space very well. I doubt you could show me a 102 part that I couldn't ID, but this is my first Montreal. Probably last, given my age and roaming interests.

    I've spotted some FIAMM stuff on EBay to assemble a kit if Larry doesn't have one. The picture in the parts book shows curved horns, rather than straight trumpets. Would these be the original style?

    I'm going to tackle the rear drive shaft today. I had my original rebuilt, along with another one I bought from Larry. Mine had a bent saddle, which the shop straightened. I still sense a slight vibration, so am going to try the other unit.

    I've got a lot more empty boxes than I did not long ago.

    Stoneman ·
    I have a couple of questions concerning your parts on eBay.

    1). Is the radio block off plate metal or plastic?

    2). Are the taillight lenses matching or are they different shades?
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