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    Sorry, it's [email protected] Thanks!
    BTW now I see the previous owner tried to install some relays, and he actually put them PARALLEL to the circuits he wanted to protect. Like, the coloumn switch still carried the whole current and then switched on the light AND the relay. What would the relay actually do??? What was he thinking??? We'll never know. It's the thought that counts... Wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.
    papajam ·
    Shocking (pun) modifications indeed! I have a 11538 for 1984 I could send you but I'll need your email address.
    lebanese ·
    Hi there,very interested in your post about the oversize ballbearings in the steering main nut on the burman steering box.I have come across it.Every burman box I came across had fifty four 7.14[9/32]balls,thirteen top bearing,ten bottom bearing,thirty one steering main nut.Last week I stripped one down and it had bigger ballbearing in the main nut,the size being 7.94[5/16] and the spiral shaft was machined to accept these ball bearings.I counted twenty seven of these bearings,but on rebuilding it I found I could get twenty eight bearings in with some clearance.To recap,twenty three 7.14 bearings in top and bottom bearing races and twenty eight 7.94 bearings in the main nut.If you have come across any info ,please let me know.Regards Michael
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