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  • pikey ·
    Hi John , with great interest I read the discussion about the Siata Daina.
    Over here in the Netherlands a friend of mine ha a mistery car which comes close to the Siata.
    Our car is based on a Mercedes 220 ( w187) chassis of 1952.
    We very much would like to know the constructor of this car.
    Would it be possible that Siata or another little Italian coachbuilder was involved?
    Best regards
    Ton van de Rijt
    The Netherlands

    BIUS ·
    I would like to invite you to join my new forum. It is geared toward the history and evolution of the motor vehicle. We have just started and are looking for new members. Please take a look and join if the topics interest you.
    davidbir ·
    Hi John! I have started a thread on the 2000-2600 section of this forum on the history of the 2600 engine-I would be very happy if you would join in :)
    David Birchall
    dmcin ·
    Hey John,
    I hope you could help me.
    Im looking for information about the fiat GHIA 1500 1947.
    We bought this car and want to restore it, but first we need al the information there is about this car.
    I hope you can help me!
    kind regards,

    Rick Nijland
    [email protected]
    fiminod ·
    John, I have ended up with the Alfa Zagato 1900 and it is on its' way to my workshop now.
    How did you ascertain the early history the way you did? If you have anything else to share I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Steve Serio
    andales79 ·
    Thanks a lot for your information on ottovu vignale

    Please when you have more pictures of tha car in 50ies or from books or papers, then please send me in private message

    Thanks a lot in advance

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