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  • hannau ·
    Thanks a lot, it was very tedious, but patience paid off. Also adjusted the window tilt and it rolls up/down very smooth. There is a kink in the wire rope and sometimes the cranck locks up but one round back and forth does the job. Thanks again for responding and your help.
    hannau ·
    Thanks you for your post on GTV Window Regulator. I have installed a new one in mine but the cable would not wound in the groves. Is it possible to guide it thru the groves w/o taking the crank out again? I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.
    Federico II ·
    Dear Mr. Iachella,

    we are a group of students of the University of Naples "Federico II",
    master in Marketing & Service Management, and we are dealing with a case study on the brand features of the Alfa Romeo cars.

    So we are looking for someone who knows the essential characteristics and the history of the Alfa Romeo.

    And we would need a group of opinion leaders to interview until the final examination that we shall do by the end of next month.
    If you're available for a really short interview (via chat) about this classwork please answer to us as soon as possible so as to plan the interview in your favourite way online.

    We don't collaborate with Alfa Romeo, it's just a university project, it isn't a spam action. :)

    Best regards,

    Giovanni Pone
    Daniela Sigillo
    PSB ·
    Hello S. I.
    Peter hear wishing you guys all things Good. This is my Home email [email protected] .net.
    have a good Holiday if i do not see you beofre.
    ps I ma here because I got a P.M. and you shouled up as a Vistor. so i wante dto say HI.
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