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  • bianchi1 ·
    next time i am carson city.i will give you a heads up//you can try my car if you want..might be in carson city,late march, early april
    bianchi1 ·
    i saw your g/box post.. after 2 failers of alfa trannys in my car.. thank what ever deity that you belive in, that i now run a t5 tranny,, no part over 55$$ all bearings.synco's gaskets for a rebuild 125$,not rubbing it in, but i don't like alfa trannys anymore.
    krhodes1 ·

    Sorry for the tardy reply, I haven't checked the forum for a while. I replaced all four springs with the IAP red springs - I got them from IAP (International Auto Parts). On my car, the original springs were so badly sagged that the difference in ride height was minimal. I have decided that I am not particularly fond of the KYB shocks. I plan to replace them with Konis at some point, the KYBs just do not have enough damping for the stiffer springs, the front tends to be a little too bouncy.

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