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  • skipowder ·
    Hi HooliganSuper,

    Saw your post, and I'm looking for a couple stickers for a 1958 750F. One for the trunk, one for the Battaini jack, and one for the Fispa oil filter. Sounds like you might have a catalog that has such things? Interested!

    If you have, and don't mind sending, please advise

    Thanks! Tony
    Andrea00512 ·
    I'm looking for replica labels for my 1971 Gt2000 Veloce.
    The only labels that I have at the moment are: oils (black background) and type 105.21
    but I would like to find all the correct engine labels.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a nice day,
    user459 ·

    Just one set then? $35.00 a set, shipped to your door.

    Terry Rushbrook
    1414 Alto Vista Dr
    Melbourne, FL 32940
    413 531-1634 cell
    user459 ·

    Were you looking for some headlight rim retaining screws for a 750? I have found some in my shop, but can't seem to find your message.

    Terry Rushbrook
    [email protected]
    413 531-1634 cell
    Raimondo ·

    After 15 months of back and forth, I AM going to return my '64 Giulia Spider to the AR-008 Bianco (Porcelain White). Your photos and comments leave no doubt the decision is the best one.
    However, I cannot locate any contemporary manufacturer's paint color & code for an equivalent to AR-008. Do you know of a reasonable facsimile from M-B, BMW? Mike Vilanni (FLA) suggested M-B Classic White from the 60s & 70s, but I can't find a code for it on any M-B forum or website.
    Thanks for your help with this and the other questions you have so graciously answered.

    alfass ·

    I'm installing the cables that run through the firewall in my Giulia SS. Both speedo and tach cables seem to share space with the windshield wiper linkage. Should the cables run over or under the links or is there something else I'm missing?

    Any guidance appreciated.

    chaves pah ·
    Hi HooliganSuper,
    Well, beeing almost infoexcluded (that´s what I think, anyway...), I just do not remember how I came to put you this question below about the Panamericana Alfas colours but , can you show some light about this matter, or are you completely away of it?
    thank you very much
    chaves pah ·
    Hi, I just bought one Alfa (1/24 infortunately...), and as I found a decal sheet with some of the V Panamericana Alfas, namelly #251 the class winner and, as I started looking for it´s correct colour, well...opinions are plenty! from Tom Tanner, the dacals maker, who got some info for a Greek modeller that found a period list with data for several cars, namely chassis 1900 07743, the #251 car, stating it was "just" BROWN; I decided to contact the Alfa Romeo Museum, and they gave me today a mail with some data:

    #251 1900.07743 bigio ferro
    #255 1900.07823 bigio ferro
    #256 1900.07744 bigio ferro
    #267 1900.07547 grigio alba (AR 703)
    #268 1900.06245 grigio chiarissimo (AR 706), which is really fantastic, but only the grey colours are identified... so THAT bigio ferro... do you by any chance have any colour chart with that lousy colour, please?
    I'm Paulo Ferreira Chaves in Portugal, and my email is [email protected]
    thank you so much
    Little Italian ·
    I have tentatively purchased a Alfa Guilia 1300 from Gregg Speilberg in Louisville. The car is a 1970 two headlight 105.39 car but the engine has be switched to a 1600 and it has some rust on it. I believe I can deal with the rust. I'll need rocker panels and posibily a passenger side door. The Dash top cushion is badly damaged and the seats need upholtering. Looks like you have be sucessful in securing parts for your Supers. I wanted to ask you about the availability of the dash top cushion and the rocker panels. Are these available? Can the dash top cushion be covered in a uphostery shop?

    You were the first person I thought of that I had aquaintence with that knows these older sedans. Any help in making my decision would be helpful.

    Bud Feigel
    Lexington, Ky.
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