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  • jaxstand ·
    hi guy,
    this is mrs PAPAJAM, jaxstand,

    hope u r doing ok.
    was wondering if U went to the convention?
    give mee a call
    973 343 6174

    Peace, & Huggs, Jaci
    Cintos ·

    I'm replacing the exhaust system on my Callaway GTV-6, and I have run into a problem with the header connection to the "common" US cutback systems. Seems the aftermarket have the "ball and cone" type flange, and mine has just a plain old flat 2-hole flange. Since mine is #4 of the 5 prototypes, it may not be "stock". Seems I may need the flat-to-cone iron 2" adapter section mentioned on the BB. One post suggested you may have some available. Please let me know if you can sell a pair to me to see if that addresses the issue.

    b. kelley ·
    I noticed before that you do some buying and selling with honest presentation and realistic prices. I am in the market for a daily driver Milano, anything cross your path lately?
    Hari ·
    I need this kind of speed, you have the right to sell jevi me the price ..

    thank you
    HeavyMetalAlfa ·
    Well. Another day. 18 more people read it,.
    Trying to word what?
    How to tell me I'm done with the BB ?
    Erase that comment or better yet post, and I will bow out,

    I'm getting judged by a ******** post everyday.
    papajam ·

    Since you decided to make this public, here is a public reply.
    You will be receiving a note from the moderating team after the wording has been worked out. In the meantime, please do NOT report this same subject again. Thank you.

    planetmojo2 ·
    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for the offer. I ran out of room long ago... and am still trying to get my inventory down to just the parts I'll need for my final GTV6 project car.

    BTW--- You know that NLA rubber connector hose between the gas filler neck and the gas tank. Usually cracked and brittle from age. These will be available again NEW in a couple of weeks. Once they have production parts in inventory, I can let you know who to contact, if you need any.

    dabraham ·
    Hi Glenn,

    I made the payment today. Here are my details for transport.

    Doug Abraham
    68 Central Street
    Topsfield, MA 01983

    Home 978 887 5354
    Cell (615) 974 8607 - best to text me

    Regards Doug
    DPeterson3 ·
    Good morning Glenn,

    Sorry I didn't spot your note earlier. I don't pay much attention to my visitor board, but accidentally pressed the wrong button and stumbled into it.

    In the last few months there have been two or three folks seeking 102 engines. One was up near you, but I think he found one. "Dabraham" is his BB name. He might want a backup. He's a smart guy.

    Of course, the condition of a cast iron engine left outside in a wet climate is open to speculation.... I'd say your price is fair. I've paid both more and less, but the "more" was generally for reasonably clean, complete, and could be turned over.

    Not sure I understand "closing your shop". I kind of had the impression it was more of a hobby than a business. It makes about as much sense as "closing my practice room, and selling all my guitars".


    If Doug isn't interested (Dabraham), I'd post it in the 1900, 2000, 2600 section. You'll get a taker.

    Very warm regards,

    grega ·
    Any specifics on the model of heater valve from the manufacturers Jaguar or Austin Healey (i.e Xj6 and 3000, respectively) would definitely set me straight on my search. Also any tips you might know from Greg Gordon extending the cable would help me out a lot.
    grega ·
    Hello Glenn,

    I've been reading up

    on Greg Gordon's project car 'The

    Blue Meanie' and see that you are

    the proud owner of the machine.

    One of Greg Gordon's threads was

    on the repair of the heater valve,

    by replacing the troublesome Alfa

    original with what Greg described

    as a generic one.

    I'm curious to know if you have

    had a look at Greg's repair and

    can give me some tips on copying

    his procedure onto my own car.

    Any pics you have of the mod would

    help me as well.

    I don't want my GTV6 to turn into

    a garage queen as its my daily

    driver in summer.


    MerrilGordon ·
    Hello Glen,
    It's Merril. I'd like to send you a few pictures. I haven't messed much with this forum's message feature so reply to me via [email protected] I might have a few others you might like to see as well. Sure enjoyed the convention and hanging out with you as well.
    Chris D ·
    Allan, thanks for your call. I basically have about 10 years of collecting V 6 hardware. Sold the GTV 6 racer and the 85 GTV 6 Hot Rod 3 L is next. Parrying down on my focus - 4 cylinder Alfas and Race Mazdas keep me too busy for a retired guy. I have 2 - 3.oL engines left. One crank fire 164 that the heads have been pulled and the other a short block. 3 cranks, heads lots of used spare stuff. A transaxle etc.

    Lots of spare little body parts that I didn't take pics of.

    Also the 85 GTV 6 - 3.0 L can be yours before I respray - too much to list. Full suspension/wheels/tires/headers/Venolia 10.5 pistons/cams. Sounds great and SCREAMS - Euro bumpers no PS or Air - nice interior - $5500 the way it sits.

    As far as the parts I'd give someone a screaming deal if they took all the V 6 stuff.

    Send email and I'll send some pics of the piles.

    Chris 585 330 5456
    gjk69alfa ·
    Hi Glenn, interior GONE, hood gone, bumpers gone, steering wheel now vicegrips, fusebox gone. rust at shock towers and sunroof drains. engine turned by hand 2 years ago, picked some engine parts. hate to crush but getting ugly. Trade for your 69 spider even tho I have one.

    cmfeeley ·
    I tried to send you a few messages about your red 69 roundtail for sale, but I just signed up to the forum (mainly, to try to connact you about this car), and I'm not sure if I am using the messaging correctly. If possible, please give me a call at 843-324-8763 as I have several questions about the car (condition, what's there, etc.) and I think it'd be easier to just talk over the phone, or if it works better to communicate via the forum, just send me a reply. My name is Charles Feeley (cmfeeley on forum).
    shoguneagle ·
    Because of a recent theft, I am having to replace several Alfa Spider Veloce parts. Since I have purchased from you before, I was wondering if you have the front emblem and rubber holder (part of front bumper system), ignition computer, and fuel computer. My car is 1986 with L-Jetronic.

    I am still looking and learning about the GTV; really like them.

    [email protected]
    chasfoley ·
    You saw the GTV for sale on craigslist didn't you? And the spider over in edgecombe? I'd have bought that but I don't need another project right now. I bought the black spider that was in Freeport..

    Little Italian ·
    Hi Glenn:

    Johnny Boy Duncan was over at my house a few days ago and making noise about flying out to California for the Convention. John is the current guy in the Alfa Club responsible for Marketing for the Alfa Owner, so it seems he has an obligation to be there. George Schweikle and Dee are going too. Cross Country Motor Home trip. Several of the guys from Louisville are going. They have purchased a car out there, Brian Shorey has picked it up, and they are all going to race it together. iIunderstand, they are going to dump the car on Brian after the convention. I offered to go out and pick it up and drive it back to Kentucky if they bought me the airfare and the gas to get back. They didn't like that idea.
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