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  • Subtle ·

    Sorry-did not know about this form of communication.

    No longer have a Subie as a daily driver (now a BMW 535xi Wagon), but bought my wife a recent model Impreza--good car
    bennetts77833 ·
    Now the 2011 Lexington, Alfas in the Bluegrass convention is just months away. Will you be around for that? Currently plan to be there in our Alfetta Sedan (sport sedan) automatic with '90's spider Motronic engine.
    Wilson Hain ·
    Hey: If you happen to come back and read this. The problem was solved by using a penetrating lubricant and giveing it suffecient time to "loosen" the tumblers in the switch!
    Since the switch sits in a horizantal position, the tumblers became stuck because of infrequent use. I would "strongly" suggest that all Alfa owners keep the switch lubed with a WD40 like lubricant.
    leehall4683 ·
    Dear Sir,

    I have inherited a 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 and I am having a slight problem with getting the rear rotors off. I saw a few of your other posts and hoped that you may have an answer for me or point me in the right direction.

    I appreciate any and all help that you can give.

    Thank you,
    Lee Hall
    LorenzoM ·
    Yes I will be back in Louisville by Dec. 2. I would like to meet other Alfa people. I flew to LA to retrieve an 81 Spider that I left back in 89 when I moved to Louisville. The 81 needed work to make the passage to Louisville and I am looking for a few pieces before I return. It has Webers and a newly rebuilt engine (thank you Alfa Only), but still requires a little electrical work before I leave this Friday. I'll keep you posted on the progress

    bennetts77833 ·
    Bernie Bennett here, It occurred to me one possibility is to tour up with the folks from Lexington, but like the 3 Wise Men to head back by another route. See our note and itinerary below.

    Also, Your Alfetta sedan photo is quite similar to our's. We will be in our Spider, but would love to see your Alfetta in person.
    Got George's post to the AlfaBB this morning. We will arrive in Lexington on Friday and plan to leave from there. Just Located Applebee's Park using Google and TripAdvisor. It is now marked on our mapping program.

    Diana and I are 10 days away from departing on a 21-22 day Fall Color Tour. We were wondering if we will see you guys? Our Tentative (based on where the color is)

    Natchez, MS 7 Oct
    Birmingham, AL 8 Oct
    Marietta, GA 9 Oct
    Transit GA & NC 10 Oct
    Asheville, NC area 11-13 Oct
    Bryson City 14 Oct
    Chattanooga TN 15 Oct
    Transit to Lexington KY 16 Oct
    Lexingtion KY 17 (& 18?) KY Winery Tour KY & OH Chapters AROC ?? Are You guys planning on attending this??
    Fall Color seeking unplanned locations as of yet will check web 19 & 20 Oct
    Paducah? 21 or 22 Oct?
    Branson, MO 22 Oct?
    Eureka Springs AR Thursday 23 Oct
    Kansas City Chapter AROC Fall Fling 24, 25 & 26 Eureka Springs
    Depart for Longview TX Sunday 26 Oct 2 PM -- will look for OK or AR fall Color
    Longview 27 Oct
    Home 28 Oct.
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