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  • 91spiderNV ·
    Hi Greg
    Can I just get the spica idle air hoses and the brake booster hose for a 1977 Alfetta? It’s more of a race car than street car so I don’t need the window washer hoses or all the other hoses connected to the spica air box, nor the distributor advance.

    Tom Mackowiak
    [email protected]
    Greg Gordon ·
    I suppose that's the nature of the internet. I am not sure what you would like to know, but a quick search for my posts should fill you in. I have been making parts for Alfa Romeos for a long time. I make a V6 supercharger kit, silicone stuff, and more.
    Chill ·
    Hi Greg, I converted my 82 spider to microsquirt and am using some power resistors in series with my injectors for now. I'd like to get a set of high impedance injectors from you if possible.

    Email me at [email protected]

    HeavyMetalAlfa ·
    Hey Greg,
    Hope all is well. Do you a number for Les Neidel? I am considering selling my Gotti wheels and wanted to know if he would be interested.
    Huggy ·
    Hey Greg,
    Just about up to my eyeballs on l-jetronics. Previously idled home about 6 miles, then car would not start. Did most of the usual, RR main/run relays, tank/inline fuel pump, checked/replaced air hoses, including plenum to intake. Two flywheel sensors checked 1.05/1.08KB.
    AFM, AAV, other sensors checked good.3 things haven't done: Injectors, Trunk EPA tank and hoses, wheel well cannister and hoses.
    Car runs, idles a little rough after idling at hi speed for a couple minutes, stalls on acceleration or slows down. Can get rpm's up if slow acceleration. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated, plus I plan in the near future to send you injectors.
    Pat Padden ·

    Do you know what the OD is on your silicone hoses for the Spica? I want to use the same clamps to hold them on. Thanks.
    Greg Gordon ·
    Yup, and if you think it leaks under vacuum imagine how much blows out under supercharger pressure. I have taken them apart and sealed them with convex washer with rubber on one side from the hardware store. I got them to seal pretty well that way, but a proper overhaul would be to have a machine shop rebuild it, not something I have tried yet.

    Milanoguy ·
    Hi Greg

    I wonder if you have any experience with replacing throttle shaft seals in a GTV6 ? (I assume there are seals in there).

    I'm working on a 1984 GTV6. The car is running pretty well but the idle is high 1,100 RPM or so and this is with the idle adjustment tightened all the way down to the minium. I did a smoke test on the car on the car and the only place it leaks is the throttle shaft. It leaks on both sides (TPS side and throttle cable side).

    I've done the same smoke test on a Milano and other cars and haven't got leaks through the throttle body so I'm assuming they are supposed to seal.

    Any assistance will be much appreciated.
    Greg Gordon ·
    Hi Jeffrey,

    I am in Ireland right now so I can't go out and look, but I don't think I have that emblem. I do have the other stuff. Please email any question to me at [email protected] as I won't be able to check this forum very often in the next couple weeks.

    ecdysiast ·

    Some time ago you mentioned a Fiat 850 Spider you're parting out. I'm in particular need of the latches that hold the top to the windshield, and the round Fiat emblem on the engine lid. Also some bumper sections. Please let me know if you still have these things.


    Greg Gordon ·
    Hi Dean,

    We can make up just about whatever you want. We don't generally send a pre-cut kit to international customers because there are worldwide variations in these cars I can't account for. U.S. spec cars are pretty standard so those kits are usually pre-cut.
    alfettaparts ·
    Hello Greg. I have been looking at your silicon hose kits on ebay and noticed you send just the hose and a cutter to international buyers. Is it possible to have you make the kits up? I am located in Australia. I was interested in the efi kit and the coolant kit in black for a 85 GTV6.
    Greg Gordon ·
    I Leon,

    I think I talked to you on the phone this morning and answered these questions. If you have any more questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to call.
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