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  • wingman1969 ·
    Hi Grant,

    Do you still have the new intake hose for the Alfa 164 S as you speak about below?

    "I recently bought a NOS 164S hose but it definitely won't fit without changing the coolant reservoir ( I think that is what might be different? The side ports definitely hit the reservoir when trying to use an S piece.)

    I have temporarily repaired my LS hose but it was pretty bad...nearly split into two pieces. If yours is a repair to a small area I would be willing to grab it.

    Coincidentally I have a new S hose still with original packaging that I can trade or sell out right.

    Would like $90 for it."


    [email protected]
    Sportivo1 ·

    I have another reason to drive to San Jose tomorrow. I have some guests from Seattle who need to be in San Jose tomorrow . Mid day or end of the day works for me. Please call me tonight to confirm 707 971 9400 cell
    slyalfa ·
    you around? left my phone at work I think.
    do you happen to have the spark box for a 2.5 or remember where we put the one out of the verde? the small box next to the l-jet ecu.
    168LS ·
    Sorry, maybe my first message didn't go through. I'm the former owner of the white 164LS you met today in Sunnyvale. Nice meeting you!
    168LS ·

    Are you the White 164LS owner I met today in the street in front of my house in Sunnyvale? I think you said your user name was "Grant". I talked with you about my White 164LS

    I dug-up my old AlfaBB password!

    Nice meeting you. The guy I sold my car to was a member here as "MarathonPaul"

    I bought a car from a guy named Sam over here in Santa Cruz and he told me that you might have a 2.5 motor for sale. Let me know if you do and how much you want for it.
    Thanks Aaron
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