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  • Pjfranks303 ·
    I am replacing the engine mount bolts and nuts for the body of the car. Below is correct?

    1. Cross member nuts: 13mm M8 standard pitch 1.25mm

    2. Cross member bolts: 13mm M8 standard pitch 1.22mm (what is the length?)

    Water Pump: I need to replace a water pump stud. What size do I need to get and where can I get them?

    Thanks in advanced.

    Pjfranks303 ·
    Hey man, hope all is going well. I m trucking along with the Spider restoration project. Starting the engine rebuild now. Quick question as I start to turn to the interior. My spider is an S3 (1983). I really love the duetto dash than my S3's dash. Is it possible to fit the duetto dash in my s3? If so, how hard is it going to be?
    redalfa1961 ·
    Hello, I reside in Phoenix and am considering purchasing a 1967 Duetto that your shop restored in 2017 and sold on Bring A Trailer for around $56,000
    The car is now being listed by a dealer in Phoenix and I have interest. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the engine if you remember as the ad stated " factory replacement block".
    Do you know why the engine was replaced? Is the engine that was put in the vehicle period specific for a 67 Duetto? We are unable to determine the engine block number looking at the vehicle..
    Otherwise it appears to be a beautiful restoration. Any information you could give me would me much appreciated. Your shop is obviously highly respected among the AlfaBB community. thanks for your time. Roger Smith
    SouthBayGtv ·
    Hey man,

    I’m having issue trying to get a 1750 grille on my 2000. I don’t seem t have a mount up top for the centerheart and some of he holes for the other pieces don’t seem to line up... just has these plastic tabs that hold the screws to the body, don’t seem to hold very well to begin with. Well the 200- grille fit just fine.. anyway.. i got al the 1750 stuff from Classic Alfa... hopefully i don’t regret or have to r3turn it.... saw you posted on a couple other grille threads so i figured i would shoot you a note. Appreciate any help you can offer up! -a
    GTVirgina ·
    Rich, sorry to bother you. I tried a couple of times to send you a private message but that feature doesn't seem to work. I am interested in employing your shop in restoring my 74 GTV. I can't seem to find an email address on the web for BradCo. Is there an email address that I can use to reach you? Thank you.
    grapppa ·
    Hi...I am new member...(owned a 71 spider in the early 90s).. looking to restore a Duetto - you were recommended as someone local to me in central NJ who could help with the body restoration... Is this so? Saw your projects and am very impressed! Please contact me. Thanks and Regards, Paul 908 797 0631
    jvico ·
    Hey Rich,

    I visited you a while back at your shop. I have a set of 14 inch Alfa steel wheels with Alfa sombreo caps and new Kumho tires I need to sell.
    If you or anyone you know could use them please let me know. I recently moved out to California and left them behind in St. Clair Shores.

    John Vico
    gmack ·
    Hi Rich,

    Apologies for the bad memory. I just realized that I'd already asked you the u joint question last fall. Sheesh! Bad memory and a project that's taken slightly longer than expected. What a shocker.

    Hope you have a good week.

    goats ·
    Rich, I sent email to your @davisson account re: burman box -- not sure if you are getting the mail

    I have burman with 2 very slight cracks -- do you(or someone you can recommend) weld them up ?


    [email protected]
    jeboniface ·
    Great looking duetto on BAT. I have finished the restoration on my duetto and have a question for you. I purchased a new trunk seal from ClassicAlfa in England. It is too tall and forces the lid to sit proud all the way around. I had it in place for over 6 months hoping it would compress but no luck. I removed it and readjusted the hinges to lower the trunk. Can you tell me where you sourced yours?
    dhayes5 ·

    You mentioned you had the early SPICA air box caps. I would be in at $20-$25 shipped. Would like one with decent paint if you have it as my Airbox is virtually new.

    Let me know.

    e-mail: [email protected]
    Jim G ·
    Hi Rich,

    I've been very impressed with the work that you and your crew has done on several Duetto's.

    Do you do body work on Duetto's for other people? I'm looking to get mine done. It would be body and paint only work.

    Thanks Jim
    gmack ·
    I'm restoring my 74 GTV and it's now down to metal. I've heard various reports of the front facing radiator supports and the headlight mounts painted flat black at factory. I like the idea of those areas "going away" visually, but the car will be amaranth(very dark), so I don't know if it's worth it on a non-show car. Do you know if the black is correct? Any images of where it would have been applied exactly? Other thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help.
    jvico ·

    I noticed that you are located in the Pointes. I'm in St. Clair Shores. Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping to get some help in local repair shops. Trail Auto is way to busy and to inconvenient for me to get there and leave my Alfa with him. I recently replaced the Giubo on my 86 Spider and unfortunately think I may have caused more issues. If you happen to know of any trust worthy shops in our area, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help and time,
    John Vico
    alfarobert ·

    I'm interested, so a couple of questions:
    1. Total price to send to Ottawa, Canada my postal code is K2M 1B1.
    2. How do I pay you, paypal, check in mail, etc.

    eight-o-one ·
    Rich, I see you're bidding on that '67 GTV on "Orbit" auction also!!!! THAT car for some
    reason seems very familiar to me!!!!! How high do you think it will go? My neighbor
    told me about it last night. He is bidding on some other stuff. He's not an Alfa man.
    We shall see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Ed K.
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