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  • Blue Flame ·
    Hi Gordon.
    I read in a post somewhere on the BB a comment by you about wear and bearing play in the rear axle housing and how there was a part that could be reversed and fitted in to take out the side play. I'm having this problem with a dunlop'd rear end Super. Do you know what I'm talking about or am I mistaken thinking it was you that commented on the subject. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Cheers Tim
    hELLO, I want to purchase 6" of gas hose & two end caps for my 58 sprint. I could not purchase if from the man you told me to call. He would not send it.My e-mail is [email protected] I need your contact information. I have a very nice rust free veloce sprint 101 body,750 running gear. I want to keep nice. I have owned it for twenty years.
    Thank You very much, Russell Jones
    racetearoffs ·
    hey Gordan I would like to know the cost of rebuilding the carbs , and the time you would need and the costs . Thank You Karl
    racetearoffs ·
    gordan i need my carbs rebuilt and i need to know cost and timing and where i would ship them to , thanks karl !-352-302-2456 and your phone #
    Gordon Raymond ·
    Someone contacted me about my Jack Beck tricked out rear axle. The note is not in my files, and I deleted from my E-Mail as I thought it would be here... somewhere. Its GONE! Now what? Who ever you are, try me again!
    slowcreek ·
    Your info helped. It gave me the idea to remove the shouldered bolt, loosen the other two, and pry the starter up and away from the flywheel. Retightened the 2 bolts and zingo, the car started and the starter sounds fine. Thanks. This car is for sale BTW. Terry has seen it.
    Gordon Raymond ·
    Don't TRY to mail out stuff to customers on TAX DAY! Taxing is the word! Finished mine weeks ago. What are these last minute people thinking? I doubt the gmt is going to be at the P.O. handing out bailouts.
    joe ·
    Do you have any any more tools that you made to remove flywheels. Mine is stuck and I need help Thanks Joe
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