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  • traga ·
    Hi Gordon,
    I've got strange oil press behavior on my '73 Spider (2L). Afraid it points to the oil pump. The oil pressure drops (from ~55 psi to < 20 psi) when I accelerated hard. It comes back to normal at idle and under constant/moderate acceleration when the engine is hot. When cold the pressure is normal at idle but even under gradual increase in speed the oil pressure drops. At full operating temperature I can drive the car moderately with normal oil press. I've read your posts about the shaft breaking and at times allowing the distributor to keep going. Could the shaft be broken but still drive the lower part of the shaft allowing the pump to work under low load condition but slip at high load? I'm thinking of removing the pump to inspect it. I guess that's a full removal of the both sections of the oil pan (a bit of a pain). Could you quote a cost for one of your pumps with shipping to the LA area? What else could it be. Any issue with returning the pump if un-used?
    Regards, Al
    SpiderHolly ·
    Hi Gordon,
    I hear you are the oil pump guru. I have an 88 Quad that i am doing a full engine rebuild; would you quote me the price of a oil pump rebuild with shipping between charlotte, nc and your place?
    endel ·
    Hi Gordon. I have a question. Have you ever used acetone to clean carbs? I was going to try it, but didn't want to screw things up. Thanks!
    alphil ·
    Hi Gordon,I believe I'm going to need a head for my 61' 1300 Normale,and there's one on ebay right know that looks pretty good,to me,but I really need a favor.Could you critique this head for me.No commitments,promises,etc,just what you see and what to ask.I've already asked about head thickness,plug holes,cam for journal test.Might you know Adflanagan?He also has a set of valves and springs that could work with this head,and look near new.Please,any help will be appreciated.Best Regards,Phil DiGrazia (770)564-9539 {auction 230934788487for head} {for valves#230934560631}
    Spacecommander ·
    "Illinois Chapter Director AND Charter Member of THE CONFUSED AND INCORRECT "

    Shouldn't that be "Illinois Chapter Director AND Charter Member of THE CONFUSED AND UNCORRECT " ? ;~)
    mn1 ·
    Hi Gordon

    Jim suggested I try you. Looking for a flywheel locking tool. A.2.0261. He said you had some for sale a while back and I was wondering if you still have any lying around somewhere. If not, can you supply a design drawing as I have located someone who can manufacture one for me if I can supply precise specs.


    mongollion ·
    Hi Gordon, Since your the expert on oil pumps I need to ask if you have had any success shimming the pressure relief valve for a bit more oil pressure. I know there are other things that can cause lower pressure but I think I've covered most of them. I haven't lined bored the cam journals or installed metered pins for the cylinder head. I simply want a bit more pressure (10-15lbs.) I thought about a .030" washer but I really don't have a point of reference to work from. What do you think? Am I just wasting my time? This rebuild has tapped me out so I really don't want to do it again. Your opinion is appreciated, Bill (mongollion) p.s. the oil pump has about 4k miles on it and it's the newer high volume pump. It looks ok on the inside, no galling or chunks missing. B
    RWCearley ·
    Hello Gordon, I've just recently joined the BB - have been a long time member of the yahoo 750-101 group. I see that you rebuild water pumps. I have been rebuilding them for many yrs - in fact originally posted the "how to" in the alfa owner many yrs ago. I also rebuild tunnel case transmissions and other alfa related parts. am now assisting Rob sloan with his SS project. I have a 58 spider veloce - I restored many yrs ago - still looks and runs great.

    I live in Lebanon IN (40 miles north of Indy.) I'll keep you posted on my current alfa activities. if you need anythng - just send me an email.

    Reed Cearley
    Samharut ·
    I just registered here after extensive search on Google on how to repair BOSCH horns and your post back in 2005.?? where you were offering some "secret" to other enthusiasts.
    I have pair of horns - 345 and 290 HZ. the actual part numbers are 0320202 006 and 016. They both were working fine till i was getting a blown fuse. Well, took them both out, one is fine the other did not have a short but it was drawing to much amps. SO i took both apart cleaned them up and now having a hard time to get the sound out :) I need to adjust them and i am stuck. Any advise..?
    Thank you in advance
    AlfaEmitter ·

    The fuel filter/regulator 'quick fix' with epoxy to stop a leak at the outlet tube to the carbs lasted for a few weeks. It's now leaking as before, so it's time to solve the problem for real. I got in touch with Goeff at about the gasket/filter replacement kit (he will ship to me this week, I hope). Please let me know if you can inspect it/fix if possible, sometime soon? I imagine you will be attending the Toronto convention next week. If so, have a good time and a safe trip. I enjoyed the KY convention last year; work got in the way this year.

    Thanks for your time.

    Dan Romero
    1 more spyder ·
    Gordon, I'm looking for someone to rebuild my 40DCOE Webers on my 76 Spider. The mechanicals are essentially factory specs with new liners and HC pistons installed in a rebuild approx. 6K mi. ago. I have a misfire that comes and goes and have renewed all the ignition components so assume now it's the carbs. What is your normal charge for a rebuild on them and what is the time required to do this? Also I'd like to know the price f the beautiful fuel line I see n the board.
    Thanks and highest regards, Darrell
    E- mail [email protected]
    John A. Gallo ·
    Hi Gordon, I am puting my 65 Gulia Spyder Veloce back together all body work done car will be in primer. I have all parts for the car plus tons of extra parts. I have a rare medal hardtop and convert frame with new 1965 convert top still in a 1965 box. Engine is completely rebuilt a 66 duetto with weber carbs I will put the car up for sale
    Gordon..could I get a picture of your car I would like to see trunk lid for emblem placement... many thanks John Gallo At 67 years old I need to let go of some of my things...trying to finish my 56 corvette and enjoy it.. many thanks a always John Gallo Princeton, NJ
    CarPoor ·
    Hi Mr. Raymond:
    I have a set of carbs, 40 dcoe 24...I know the "float" sunk on one, and the carbs have been still for years. Can you rebuild then and $$$?
    warrenr ·
    Hi Gordon, I need some advice regarding my oil pump; 69 1750, 104,000 miles. The radial clearance around the gears is .0025", end clearance is .009". I talked to a local anodizing shop and the most they can build up a die-casting is around .0005", which would put my radial clearance back to around .002". The rest of the pump looks OK, am planning on converting the PRV to a ball bearing with a shorter spring. Is this pump worth fixing either by anodizing or new gears? This will be a street motor with minimal power upgrades. Can you supply pump gears and or build me a pump?
    Sorry for all the questions, thank you, Warren.
    benzola ·
    I have a '57 Spider Veloce I am piecing together. With the parts I received, there is a FRB-11 Fispa combination fuel regulator/filter unit I would like to use. However the brass fittings need to be replaced with 90 degree (elbow) fittings to work. Do you know anyone who could change these fittings to work on a Giulietta Spider?
    Many thanks in advance, Ben.
    [email protected]
    e-mail me your address and I can send pictures. Everyone loves pictures.
    tom obrien ·
    Had to reduce post length so heres the rest of it:
    I'm building a mild engine ( 750 ) for my Alfa - Bandini. I'll find out just what kind of pressure I can get out of the stock pump. Stock relief valve in the pump will be set at a very high pressure.
    Curious if you know what the stock pump will generate with
    clearances set at tight end of specs. ??? Only mod to oiling system is to limit flow upstairs - the six feeds to cam bearings are about .200 stock, mine will be .060.
    ( This mod incidentally is the "hot setup" ( ha ) ) If you do the math on the escape toruses ( tori ? ) on all 12 edges of the cam bearings it looks like they are actually the limiter, so I don't expect much change.
    tom obrien ·
    Thanks, re Ricardo
    New- factories put the relief where mischievous hands can't access.
    But for racing it is nice to be able to adjust the pressure. Also the relief piston "sees" dirty oil. Rick Mack ( of Newman-Sharp Racing fame ) preferred external pres. relief valves and built some so it used
    filtered oil. I have the tooling.

    I've run one on my Jabro MkIII successfully for some time now.
    To reduce plumbing it could go into a special spacer plate between block and oil filter. Interested ? Any thoughts on this ??

    Here are my specs:( if you want to respond directly )
    Tom O'Brien [email protected]
    Factory driver Alfa-Romeo and NART Ferrari Team
    datso ·
    Hello Gordon
    Im wondering if you know the engine deck height for a 105 2 liter
    or Nord block? Im trying to work out rod stroke ratios and also missing
    the compression height of 105 or later carbed 2 liters.
    regards, Dave
    Gordon Raymond ·
    To those visiting, I recently had a request to find a 275 GTB Ferrari that could be used or restored to use as a vintage racer. I HAVE FOUND ONE, and now cannot remember who needed it. If you know, please contact me for further information.
    Thanks! Gordon
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