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  • alfanatic66 ·
    Hi Gordon,

    (last PM)

    I believe the cams are set as follows: lobe centers: 105 deg, intake, 45-75 timing; 102 deg, exhaust, 72-48 timing - which is set up for street.
    Per the above info, could you please tell me what jetting and other items would need to change carb-wise and what you would suggest the new jetting/component sizes be?


    Guy Monacelli

    alfanatic66 ·
    Hi Gordon,

    (contd PM)
    I have not taken the carbs off the engine lately to confirm that I, in fact, have chokes that are the 32 size. They are the older brass float type.
    With my current set-which I had for years, I have the following two complaints:
    The two complaints are that, (1) there is much hesitation as you gradually press the accelerator down from idle and rpm does not become steady until 3500-4000rpm, (which is where the cams come on, (2) I have idle set at around 900rpm; as it idles, after a few minutes of warm-up, the engine will increase slightly in rpm for 1-20 sec, then will decrease and then repeats this- basically, the engines does not maintain steady, consistent idle.
    alfanatic66 ·
    Hi Gordon,

    (contd PM)

    Vehicle/Make__Alfa________________Year_74_____Model_GTV 2000_______Displacement__2L______ Camshaft_IAP/Autosprint/11mm/252 deg [email protected]"_________Distributor_RML (hall effect/electronic)________Headers Euro headers__________Transmission__5speed______ Compression Ratio_ stock- (9.0:1 ) __________Maximum RPM_6800-7000(?)________ Current Carburation and Jetting Number of Carburators__ 2 ______ Type_ Weber _______ Size_ 40DCOE/32 _______ Model_40DCOE/32 _______ _______ Chokes_32_____ Aux. Venturis_4.5_____ Pump Jets_35_____ Pump Exhaust _Accel. pumpbypass- 60_____ Mains (Primary)_ 135_____ (Secondary)__?____ Needle and Seat_150_____ Air Correctors (Primary)_ 200_____ (Secondary)______ Float Level_?_____ Emulsion Tubes (Primary)_ F-15_____ (Secondary)______ Idle Jets (Primary)_ 50F9_____ (Secondary)______

    (to be contd)
    alfanatic66 ·
    Hi Gordon,

    (contd post from Guy Monacelli)

    I would like to know what I would have to change to from the current jetting set-up I have and what the choke would have to change to to get the maximum performance out the above set-up and how much impact there would be to gas economy for the street. I intend run at time trials only (no racing) and want it still to be streetable with a fairly steady idle. I would like to include here what I currently have for jetting (this is the carb worksheet I got from Pierce Manifolds which I filled out:

    (to be cont)
    G. Monacelli
    alfanatic66 ·
    Hello Gordon,

    ( I will have to send this PM in pieces, sorry)

    I have a '74 GTV, Euro set-up with a pair of 40DCOE/32's with a pair of IAP Autosprint 11mm cams (252deg duration @.050") (w/stock pistons) from many years ago and want to do an overhaul to the engine using a Paul Spruell Complete Race/Street Performance Kit which will contain a set of JE 10.5:1/84mm pistons, over-size intake/exhaust valves and Total Seal gapless 2nd rings. I was given your name by my part-time Alfa mechanic friend, who lives near me and is a Mercedes mechanic by trade. I've been using the above set-up just about since I got the car back in '85 and would time trial at Grattan with the club. Paul told me I could stick with the cams I have as long as the lobes aren't worn.

    (To be contd)
    Guy Monacelli
    tarnow ·
    Hi Gordon-

    Long time BB'er here and have read your numerous comments, suggestions, and helpful diagnostic tips over the years. I live outside of Boston but am working here in the Chicago area long term (thru May). For various reasons, I sold my Giulia Super last November. Since then, I've been in the market for a well sorted 1750 Berlina but so far I've come up empty handed. Andrew Watry suggested that I drop you note to introduce myself and let you know what I'm looking for. Perhaps you may know of an owner looking to sell his or her Berlina privately and could make a match. If any event, your stellar reputation with Alfas and Ferraris is top shelf and this is a good way for me to connect. Thanks Gordon,

    Todd Arnow
    axlejor ·

    It was recommended I contact you about this question. I am trying to set the throttle plates on my DCOEs after reinstalling the shaft and bearings.

    Richard says "With the screws in the shafts loose, lightly tap on the plates while holding the shafts in the closed position.
    They will vibrate to center and full closure."

    This seems reasonable to me and gets me closer, but I can still see a bit of light when shining a flashlight from the front of the carb. I guess my question is: how do you know when you get them set correctly? I am using a very bright flashlight and I have not been able to get any of the bores to totally block the light with the plates closed.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Bob Little ·
    Gordon: Please get in contact with Pete Vack of Veloce He has an important question for you.

    Thank you, Bob Little
    philippeclaude ·
    Thank you very much for Karen's email address. I've just contacted her.
    I also have one or two other leads.
    Thanks also for your kind words. Coming from you I appreciate very much indeed.
    Best wishes.
    1800es ·
    Hello Gordan Raymond,

    I am looking to purchase a pair of 45 dcoe webers, preferebly the Italian made ones matching. Do you know or have a pair for sale? Can yopu let me know please. Thank you in advance.3

    Sully1967 ·
    Hi Mr. Raymond,

    I'm working on a 67 Sprint GT Veloce restoration and would like to know what you charge for a dual weber rebuild/refresh and an oil pump service for this car? What is your typical lead time to perform this work? Thanks in advance and talk to you soon.

    Chris Sullivan
    Napa, CA
    james2000 ·
    Hi Gordon,
    I noticed you recommend Permatex Ultra gray to coat gaskets in carburetor installations. Permatex clearly warns against its use in fuel present applications. This is confusing me.
    Cheers, James
    kandijr ·

    Thanks for the lead. Jim pointed me in the correct direction. I managed to post five large pics. Working on reducing picture size appropriately.
    kryger ·
    Hi Gordon
    Happy new year to you, the thing is I just mounted a couple of DCOE40 34/35 on my 1600 GT junior in stead of the 44/45 witch have been on the car since I bought it, but since I've been having trouble with idling ever since I got the car, it was sitting for 12 years before I got it, I suspect blocked channels a you have described.
    But can the 34/35 be made to work on my car in stead.
    The highest regards
    rwandrews ·
    Mr. Raymond; I am going to be selling a 750 Veloce engine and transmission, complete including 40 DCO3 s and finned oil pan , etc. & will offer it here on the forum first before the evil auction online house. Could you give me an idea if an asking price of $15,000 is reasonable ? Pictures can be found at
    I live in Orland Park, IL and are planning to use the funds to restore a Guilietta Spider I have. Any sugggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob Andrews
    LVSpider ·
    Hi Gordon,
    Thanks for your many posts (especially those pertaining to remote oil cooling). Perhaps you can offer additional insight on the topic. Some basic background 1) I've limited automotive mechanical experience. Car is an '83 Spider (from Knauz), now in Vegas. Mods limited to some Stebro exhaust. Do not plan track use. Because transmission housing was cracked when pressing in new mount, I plan to remove engine. When removed, I'm considering possible electric fan, powder coat manifold, and installing remote oil filter and cooling. It appears that Les Hurlock part may no longer be available. I'd like to use AN-10. Do you know of any installations/photos remote filter while maintaining stock air filter box? If easier email to [email protected] Thanks, Martin
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