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  • valvo0 ·
    I have gone on Bosch website but no luck.

    I think that there should be another number stamped on the metal armature.


    valvo0 ·
    Hi Gordon ,

    I have posted about a Starter I have and not sure if it will fit on my 1972 GTV with a 130 tooth Flywheel.

    The starter is a BOSCH 1005 821 113.

    It has 9 teeth.

    It seems to fit a Porsche 944 according to my findings.

    Could you check for me if it is any good for me ?

    Much appreciated

    Robert Valvo
    Gordon Raymond ·
    Too ALL readers here. For reasons I don't completely understand, I do not get notice to "View" messages here. PM's I do get notification. Since I seldom go here... If you do not hear back from me re ANY question in 2-3 days, send me a PM.
    ubach ·
    Hi Gordon,
    I saw some of you posts on this board regarding Webers. Seems like you are the expert!
    I have a 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce (1495*01960) with a 2.0L and 5 speed. Recently I acquired a 1960 Veloce engine in parts (since 1969), engine# 00106*00259. Most parts are there including Aluminum sump, head, carbs and air cleaner, etc. Engine block is completely disassembled with liners out. Found it locally on CL out of Duluth, MN. Incredible!
    The plan is to rebuild the new engine and swap out the 2.0L. Going back closer to stock, I guess.
    Since then I have cleaned some of the parts and had the crank machined 0.010" at a local shop. The head and carburetors have not been touched at all.

    My question is this; do you do engine work in addition to carburetors? I am looking for an experienced engine builder to take on this project.

    Hope to hear back from you.
    Ulf Bach
    Minnetonka, MN
    OntarioAlfa ·
    Hi Gordon. Always enjoy reading and agree w your posts. Could I be so bold and ask for advice. Don't want to get into a debate on the BB wrt using Ultra Gray on head gasket. Last year I installed HG without sealant and that lead to leaking antifreeze into oil. Head is now AGAIN off car! This time I plan to use Ultra Gray over entire, both sides of Reinz HG at installation. Is that an overkill? Second issue. I converted my 78 Spider to Dellorto. Just received aluminum carb mounts from Classic Alfa! Should I be using Ultra Gray on paper gasket between aluminum carb mount and Euro manifold? What about from the aluminum carb mount w O rings to 40mm carbs, any Ultra Gray? Third, should I use Ultra Gray on both sides of Euro manifold gasket? Any other expertise is appreciated. Thanks a million! Gino Mazzarello
    If easier, you can email me at: [email protected]
    timdaw ·
    Can you please remove this thread from the forum:

    Unfortunately I rose to the bait since I detest Clarkson for so many reasons. The thread is totally irrelevant to Giuliettas and Giulias and has no place here.

    I've even got insulted by a platinum member, well I never!

    Next thing we'll be seeing postings of cat videos.

    Regards, Tim Dawson
    Sven ·
    Hello Gordon,

    I am looking for oil pick up trunks for Alfa GTA. Larger upper oil pan combined with deeper 4-row lower oil pan. Do you have these?

    Kind regards,
    cstlhn ·
    Hello Gordon,

    Richard Jemison recommended I contact about purchasing an aluminum crankshaft pulley. I am building a 2 liter race motor and Richard claims your pules are very good.
    Can you tell me the price and availability? I may be interested n other items for the car please let me know.

    GT6Mike ·
    Here are a couple of things that I've tried recently:
    - I reduced the choke size from 29mm, to 28mm. When I did this I noticed that the previous owner had used incorrect chokes, there were no holes for the air bypass screws. This helped a lot with my idle and has made me think that the previous owner has put incorrect aux venturi's in the carb (but I can't seem to verify this).

    - I've tried multiple combinations of emulsion tubes; F34, F41, F11, many jet combinations; 115 - 150, and air correctors 160 - 210. I've even gone so far as to drill out 135 jets to 1mm and still the stumble persists.

    I know there are a tonne of variables, but based off of the above, do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks
    - Mike
    GT6Mike ·
    Hi Gordon,

    Hope you don't mind me reaching out, but I'm at a bit of a loss with a pair of 40 DCOE 76/77's that I'm working on, and you seem to be one of the most knowledgable people online when it comes to these carbs.

    I'm trying to apply a triple setup of these carbs to a Triumph GT6, and I am systematically replacing everything the previous owner has done. I just had the motor rebuilt, I've got all new ignition, distributor, coil, plugs etc. I have done all the basics in terms of checking for timing (static and dynamic), vacuum leaks, sync'ing, and setting idle. As a starting point, I ripped the carb apart to document all parts and used the OEM settings for the Alfa that these were originally installed on (2000 GT Europe). I can start the car and it rumbles great at idle....

    My issue is that I am getting a VERY LEAN condition at high RPM and a bad stumble that I can't push through at 4500 RPM (a plug test confirmed this). I am also getting fuel leaking behind the aux venturi
    ronbojax ·
    So what is the going rate to have 40DCOEs cleaned and rebuilt? I think I am at my wits end in trying to get them to function properly and I am 75% sure it is not engine/timing issues.
    James Cicero ·
    Thanks Gordon! I think my intakes need a bit of work, from the sound of it I think only 1 or 2 are out. So I will fix the larger 2 and keep doing that until it's quiet ��
    James Cicero ·
    Thanks Gordon!

    I think in this case its just a clearance issue as from what I have seen in other posts, people are running around 0.016 on the intake cam, mine are at 0.018.

    I have had the cams reground, I also have new valves, new followers, new springs, new seats and guides in the head, and all seem to be operating well.

    Any idea of what the correct clearance should be for a standard normale cam?

    James Cicero ·
    Hi Gordon

    I don't know if you remember but you reworked a 750 oil pump for my dads car, works great!! Thanks again.

    I have a valve tappet noise that I am chasing. I just put new followers in as they were a bit worn hoping it would solve the noise but it's still there (a lot better but still there). I currently have the clearance set to exh 0.018 and intake 0.017. I think they might be a bit on the larger size, what sort of clearances should I set to get rid of the noise?

    Thanks again!!

    TerryLotus ·
    Gordon I wonder if you can provide me some assistance. I have a pair of Weber 40DCO3's & there are some parts missing. I found an old picture that you posted a while back entitled Webcon, would you be so kind as to share? I think I'm missing just the Main jet holders, Emulsion tubes & idle parts. So any help would be appreciated, kind regards
    Raimondo ·

    Are there any Panasport-type wheels to fit a street-use '64 Giualia Spider? I've seen a number of photos showing Spiders with them, but can't find any in the 15 X 5 for sale.


    bell904 ·
    Hi Gordon

    Yesterday I have posted 4 new threads with attachments but it appears that the attachments can not be opened

    Can you tell me what I did wrong?

    Thank you

    bell 904
    Raimondo ·

    I know you are inundated with questions (you've answered a few of mine), so I won't take much of your time.

    After 15 months of back and forth, I AM going to return my '64 Giulia Spider to the original AR-008 Bianco (Porcelain White). I have no doubt the decision is the best one.
    However, I cannot locate any contemporary manufacturer's paint color & code for an equivalent to AR-008. Do you know of a reasonable facsimile from M-B, BMW? Mike Vilanni (FLA) suggested M-B Classic White from the 60s & 70s, but I can't find a code for it on any M-B forum or website.

    I'm three weeks out from painting, so I could use any help you could offer.

    Thanks for your help with this and the other questions you have so graciously answered.

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