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  • ballough510 ·
    I just looked at Centerline website as I don't normally deal with them and I see the giulietta pump kit. You think its the same?
    60sRacer ·
    Gordon, I have a question about refurbishing an oil pump. You are the recognized BB expert!

    I have a '74 2L that was upgraded many years ago. I'm planning on an overhaul with some more performance upgrades such as Spruel's dish dome pistons. I noticed on his web site that he is selling a "high capacity" German made oil pump with 5mm longer gears.

    I get good oil pressure now. But as the engine heats up, the oil pressure drops - nearly zero when idling, but sorta OK when driving. I suspect the sender.

    OTOH, I know that you can do an O/H of my oil pump. [One of my oil pumps has an early set of brass helical gears, others are straight cut steel gears; don't remember which is in the car currently].

    Of course I am leaning in your direction. Are you familiar with the one Spruel is selling?


    geloso ·
    G'day Gordon,
    Keeping well I hope. Gordon I'm writing to you to say thanks again as my thank you probably did not reach you 7 years ago due to me messing up an Email address when you tried to reach me. Well I'm sorry about that, but just to refresh your memory it's Brian from Australia calling who you helped out with a problem on my 1984 Alfetta 2.0 GTV Carburretors.
    By some fluke I happened on an old post you lodged and it was clear I needed to address the mistake. Anyway the GTV now starts well, or as well as other countless Alfetta's and runs OK with the 105 48 cams.

    Thanks and regards, Brian. (geloso)
    markgberry ·
    Good morning Gordon,
    Your name was recommended to me as someone to talk to about an oil pump rebuild for a 1600. Looking through your post messages it appears you're a busy guy though! If you get a chance could you let me know your thoughts on these oil pumps and possibly your availability to look at mine?
    Kind regards
    Somer ·
    Good Morning Gordon,
    I recently posed a question about water pumps on ALFABB. While googling around , your name came up. I have a 750 engine that the pump impeller is loose in. Seal is still good.

    Do you sell rebuilt pumps ? Exchange or just rebuild what is sent in?

    Thanks, Somer

    [email protected]
    Gordon Raymond ·
    Hi Fran,
    If there are cups over the progression holes, these are late production. Cannot tell a lot more without seeing them. The original application for 45DCOE18 was for the GTA junior but there were other applications as well. I believe there were more 45DCOE18's built than small top 45DCOE14's but Weber kept no records on this so that's only a guess. Several well used sets have appeared that share features with 45DCOE13's including 3 progression hole bodies.
    Contact me anytime at <[email protected]> and we can discuss with photos. Oddly, rare and odd DCOE's restoration costs are exactly the same as more common variants as the same work is needed. I've a pair of nice matched 45DCOE14's in my shop that arrived yesterday for a stradale GTA that will finish up as new.
    Best, Gordon
    VabeneGTV ·
    Good morning Gordon, I was wondering if I could get your email. I have a pair of 45 DCOE 18's, I would like to send you images of. I am considering having these rebuilt by you when you have a chance. The venturi locating screws are safety wired, and the screws that you typically would remove to see the three bleed holes have brass cups installed there, the venturi's are 36, which leads me to believe these may have been race prepared, but I don't know. After seeing some examples of your work, you definitely are the go to guy for these. No rush when you get a chance you can email me at [email protected], or reach me via the BB. Thanks, Fran
    mathcg ·
    Good morning Gordon,

    As I was looking at my "spare" 1600 engine, I noticed there was a tube (perhaps called the crank breather tube) coming off the back of the engine block and apparently venting (draining) to atmosphere. Whereas, on the 1600 engine that I'm rebuilding (I think they're both '67 vintage engines), the opening on the block is blocked by a flange.

    So, this opens up a variety of questions:
    1) Is this a difference between a GTV engine and a GT?
    2) Was this an early idea that was subsequently accomplished via the "valve cover breather tube" on newer engines and thus blocked on my one engine (as the casting already had the hole)?
    3) Something else entirely?
    4) Any benefit one way or the other?

    Thanks in advance - I hope to get my carbs today!

    Gary Williams ·
    Hi Gordon: I tried to email you today and found that the address I had no longer works. I sold my GTV and am now Alfaless for the first time in decades. In going through my parts -- in preparation to sell them -- I found some Weber pieces that I have found difficult to price. I'm wondering if you would mind giving me some advice? If so, will you email me at [email protected]com. I have photos of the bits and pieces in question. There are many of them.
    FrancosAlfa ·
    I have been trying to post in the classified section a question and a picture of my 92 Alfa spyder, but it hasn't shown up. Can you check and see what I am doing wrong. I thought maybe the photo was too large when it first didn't post so yesterday I tried again with a photo that was 191kb but still no luck.

    Richard/SIA ·
    Trying to fit a 2000 engine under the bonnet of a Dio Tipo kit car I am building.
    Really need to find a way to shorten my oil pan about 3" without resorting to a dry sump.
    Would have been less issue with a 1300 but the 2000 is taller and what I have on hand.
    Possibilities I see are a custom oil pan or modify an original.
    I can do that locally.
    But I doubt either will work unless I can find a shorter oil pump.
    Oil pumps that I have are integral to the pick-up's.
    Is there a practical way to modify one?
    Is this something you can supply?

    Richard, (775) 783-4867
    [email protected]
    Gordon Raymond ·
    Hi Kuba,
    I have almost NO car parts. I sometimes have some engine parts, but for 1600 engines, and most are sourced by me for my customers.
    I build custom oil pumps for 1300, 1700, 1750 and 2L Alfa performance engines.
    Best, Gordon
    KubaPręcikowski ·
    Hello . I have Big problem. Shipping Company dhl losse my package with aluminium trims for doors . Have u some 2 nd hand market with parts for old alfa Romeo models ?
    Gordon Raymond ·
    You will have to contact Bosch directly, often by telephone for technical service. The starter is not new, and will not be on a web-page. Someone at Bosch will have to research the starter's original application. I went through this once with both a GTA starter and generator. Both needed a rebuild, and neither was listed as numbered. It developed that both had been speciality items from Bosch. The generator armature was imbedded in epoxy resin to reduce the possibility of high rpm blow-up. The starter was also non-standard.
    I eventually found a Bosch specialist that was able to rebuild and update both, but it took quite a while.
    The only way to really find out what you have is to get a technical Bosch representitive interested in your question. New Bosch components are much easier, as computers existed and were in use when they were manufactured. Older Bosch items are not always computer catalogued.
    Best, Gordon
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