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  • JulianB ·
    Mike! It;s Jules-! How are you mate!?

    Gimme a bell- 0429 598 591 Today, or 0414 902 111 over the weekend- I've started stripping my car down to fix it! I'd love some advice.... seeing as you know a little about panel work.....

    Gimme a bell mate!!
    angiegtv ·
    Thanks for that Mike, I am still trying to get the right info on the best offset. Your car looks great, do you work on her your self, I am a long way from finishing, just trying to get it to a registration state first. Regards Tim
    GoldCloverLeaf ·

    I'm not sure what offset they are and i dont have access to the wheel at the moment, i did not request a particular offset, I only advised the type of car and bolt pattern required and they supplied the wheels and they fit fine.

    The wheels are custom order anyways so i suppose they might know the correct offset that will work for the Alfa, or perhaps there is only one offset available? I would call them up, they have a website.

    Early Fords such as the Escort have the same bolt pattern though so it might not be a bad idea to work out exactly what you need - make sure they make the wheels with the correct centre hole diameter. I had a friend order a set and the centre hole was too small so it would not sit flush on the rear hub, so perhaps he was given wheels to suit the escort by mistake.

    Hope this helps...

    angiegtv ·
    Hi Goldcloverleaf,

    I saw on the alfabb that you have Superlites on your 105. I am restoring a 105 gtv 2000 and would like to fit 15x7 superlites with a 195/60 tyre, but confused about what off set the rim should be.
    Could you tell me what you have and if there are any clearance rubbing issues....Thanks alot
    Tim Jobson
    Perth WA
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