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  • 72bavaria ·

    From a previous post, I thought to ask your opinion as I have a 89 Verde where the ABS light comes back on after turning steering wheel to the left it seems. There is an odd clicking sound coming from the fuse box when this happens and the ABS light comes on. Upon start up the light extinguishes. Could this be as simple as cleaning the left front ABS sensor?


    mgsteve ·
    Hi Giorgio, I see that you have a set of center caps for those 5 point wheels that kevin shows. I can sure use them along with the retaining clips. New is good, but hopefully they aren't super expensive; I would be fine with used ones also. My direct email is: [email protected]
    As far as the lug nuts are concerned, I have a feeling that my old ones from the steelies will work fine. Thanks, Steve
    Curtis ·
    Giorgio, please call me or send me your contact information. I would like to purchase the 1300. Is it a late FI 1300 or the odd late short stroke, big bore 1300 ? Either way I would like to purchase if it has the oilf filter located on the front cover and head is not badly corroded. Thanks. Curtis Wood 417-849-4673. [email protected]
    MidlifeGTV ·
    Hello Giorgio, I am origionally from Natick Ma. I live in Dallas now. What part of Mass are you from? I love your cars by the way. Wonderfully Italian.. Go Pats!!!
    Alfaonly ·
    Giorgio, Is this you? Karantina from ebay? I'm David Fish dapescado on ebay. I'm searching for pics of your cars
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