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  • adenzeno ·
    Where in East Texas are you? I grew up in Kilgore (and got out as fast as I could), and there was only one Alfa in town- a Niki Lauda model Spider.
    RobGTV ·
    Hi Gigem75,

    I was reading your thread "one off bucket list, valve seats", and i wanted to confirm what size valves you are using with those seats ?
    I am thinking about doing a 4 angle valve seat on my 2L head, but with 45mm, 45 degree intake valves.

    Either way, can you let me know what results you had with the 4 angle seats ?


    warrenr ·
    Hi Robert, I'm not sure about this new website look; I am having trouble finding your new Berlina thread. I will be posting more on my thread 69 SV Resto shortly.
    Take care,
    RobGTV ·
    Hello Gigem75,

    I was reading your thread "head work" and have a quick question about using the Neway cutters. Perhaps i have been watching too many YouTube videos but i have seen when the Neway Pilot is installed in the Valve Guide, an instrument called a "concentricity gauge" is used to ensure the pilot is sitting correctly, at 90 degrees with the valve seat to ensure an even cut on the valve seat.
    Could you please let me know if you have used any tools to ensure the Neway Pilot is inline with the valve guide or at 90 degrees with the Valve seat? or are the Neway tools that accurate that there is no need to check the allignment.

    Thanks in advance.


    jimc ·
    Gigem - I am having some difficulty with electrical hookup of w/washer foot switch and the wiper toggle switch. I intend to use the MC pressure switch arrangement that you defined some time ago, but the electrical connections are unclear (for me)) Can you provide a schematic ? My email address is [email protected] Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Jim Cross

    Project is '66 Sprint GT.
    jcslocum ·

    Do you have the time to discuss your techniques for painting the car at home??

    Primer used, gun used, etc...

    I'm thinking of trying it myself BUT there is so much conflicting info it make my head hurt.


    [email protected]
    gigem75 ·
    Hey Joe, bet you hear that a lot:) I'm just south of Longview on Lake Cherokee. You probably know Bob Fernald, he's in Austin and helped me on several issues. Actually he saved my rear end, not a car rear end, mine when I bought a 77 Spider on ebay some guy in Alabama was parting out. After I had bought a couple of parts from him I asked him about the car and it didn't have much rust and was straight. So I asked him how much he wanted for the car and he gave me a good price so I bought it. Didn't run and the fuel had turned to tar but once I got all that sorted out it fired right up and the compression is 150 on each cylinder. Bob helped me with the parts that were missing and I got it back on the road. I went to TWS last year about this time and met Jim Stoveall who you also might know for a vintage race. Really a great bunch of guys. Wish I lived closer, I'd really like to go to their Saturday meet and greets. Pretty much of a cultural wasteland up here. The bb has also been a great help, I try and give back as much as I get but that would be impossible. Not a member of AROC but probably should be. Yeah, I'd like to head down there for that race, I went to A&M (a very long time ago) and still have friends there so I can easily justify the trip.
    Thanks for the invite!
    Mike Sabin
    spyder16 ·
    I see your posts often ;east tx. is abig place,where?are you a member of aroc? who do you ask for help? bb? just are invited to come to vintage races at TWS. you might enjoy. next one is end of feb. Joe in austin tx.
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