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  • JBWesterwick ·
    Apologize for the long PM. I have a no start 86 Veloce. I read threads, most recently the "87 Spider No start." I read the L-Jetronic diagnosis - brilliant. Today I did:

    New fuel/air filters. Fuel pump works when key turned/connections cleaned. Fluids (oil/diff/tranny) changed.
    Air hoses checked/re-tightened. Oil recovery canister -hoses clear. Cracks repaired with shoe-goo.
    Battery- 12.53 v / 11.47v during cranking.
    Ground straps removed/cleaned/greased/replaced: Battery ground/Transmission/body/rear engine block and two under the AAV
    FI ECU connector cleaned (in-line fuse- OK/not replaced). Fuse Block- ok/not replaced.
    Position sensors:
    Black- No reading
    Grey- 1020
    CTS- 1880
    TTS G/W- 37 W/gnd- 000 G/gnd- 37
    CSI good flow/spray
    VVT- no click

    I have to r/r the upper flywheel sensor and look at the AAV. Questions- since the CSI had good spray should I assume the fuel pressure is good? Where do I go from here?

    Barry Westerwick
    Portsmouth VA
    klharper124 ·
    Hey Eric

    I got what I think is a fishy poster today

    I am hunting for some parts and this guy pops up


    I looked at his post and he is brand new and to me looks like a scammer. Not sure what to do but you are a moderator and I thought i would run it by you.

    Oh here is his post to me. But check out his other post.


    Yes. I have these parts and could check for other parts if you make a list to [email protected]

    A working phone number will be great too.


    Donald Gibbs
    nakhai1 ·
    Hi I was reading through some posts regarding starter relays and your posts came up many times. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding a problem that just came out of the blue on my 85 alfa romeo spider. The ignition switch seems to have started to fail: turn the switch to start the car and there is a slight 2 sec delay before I get contact, then along with that fail I get a key switch that wants to stay on when I TURN THE CAR OFF. I think it has failed even further now that all I have to do is turn the key to the first click of the switch and the car wants to start but it seems that things are staying engaged. I'm wondering if these symptoms are a starter relay failure? The starter is new and I did buy a another ignition switch same year 85 but the symptoms are the same. I thought I would have better luck with a different key switch but no luck. Are you able to give me a direction with this. Thank you in advance Mario
    dhayes5 ·
    Hi Eric,

    I know I forgot to PM you after the local Alfa Club meeting in January. Kevin did hook me up with the newsletter though.

    I think there are some "Garage" events coming up in April and May. One is in Cary the other at Kevin's shop - well from memory I think so anyway. I will try to make one of those.

    As far as Garage events go, I have a perfect candidate if they would like to demo changing a SPICA injection belt on a S2a spider. I even have the belt. Doubt they do anything that nasty but hope they will do something that will be instructive.

    BTW your posts on the BB are very helpful. Where did you source of your M8x1.25 brass exhaust manifold bolts?
    bell904 ·

    Yesterday I have posted 4 new threads with attachments but it appears that the attachments can not be opened

    Can you tell me what I did wrong?

    Thank you

    bell 904
    Bultaco ·
    Hello Eric, Can you help me out. Earlier today I posted a reply in the cars for sale section. it was a 1986 Spider for sale that should show up on the first page of the cars for sale. I put my email address in the reply and in hindsite that may not be a good idea to put my address out for the world to see. I'm not very computer or forum savvy. What I should have done was sent the guy a personal instant message about his car. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to erase my reply so that maybe my email wont get spammed etc. if you can't no big deal and I'll just chalk it up to a lesson learned and I'll be more careful in the future. I did use the flywheel sensors you sent me a few months ago on the grassroots spider I bought off the board some months ago. It now runs well and is in the process of getting a brake job and rear wheel bearings. I will take it to the grassroots challenge $2015 in Gainsville in the fall. Thanks, Chris Baldwin, my user name is bultaco
    Franco ·
    Sorry to have bothered you, I can see it on my laptop but not my ipad, %$#^& computers and technology, they'll have no problem driving me the last mile to crazy.
    Franco ·
    I'm still learning my way around the BB. I can't see a reply I made to one of my threads anymore as well as the reply to my comments. Can you help me figure out what happened.
    Franco ·
    New to this stuff....just added a new thread.....don't see there a delay.....can you help please
    gold45 ·
    I have used Because prices are reasonable and shipping was too quick.
    thanks autopartsway.
    Stan Murray ·
    Looking for help with Ljet... Trouble shooting ..Engine starts runs sitting still wonderfully.. but under load it stumbles and boggs then picks up and runs really well. I have played with many Ljets and also have a motronic spider. This is a car I picked up that had the oil pan knocked out from under it as well as the oil pump. Runs well otherwise. Recently painted and new top. I replaced intank pump and main pump.. drained tank and flushed ..
    It may just need driving.. but would love to get it going well ..
    Any Ideas? Thanks
    Stan Murray
    dj91alfa ·
    thanks for your most recent help!
    Is it possible for a car to run with only the main fuel pump if the in-tank pump does not work?
    I feel the main fuel pump may have stopped working and the in-tank pump has not been working.
    If I failed to wire the main fuel pump, would the car run for about two minutes before stopping?
    dylan5 ·
    Thanks so much..I am printing it all and putting it in a binder..we always need help, my husband is no mechanic but he tries to do the work on my little baby himself when he can.
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