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About Me
Mum with 2 sons and lots of cars! Have owned Alfas all my driving life and wouldn't be without one (or more): Now own: 2001 V6 Spider, 1976 Alfasud circuit/road car, 1978 Alfasud Giardinetta, 2004 147 and others waiting on decisions.

Collecting Suds, Sprints and 33s for restoration/wrecking; Motorsport, both cars and bikes; Animals.
Medical Librarian; Editor of AROCA NSW magazine, Amatori Alfa; freelance editor.
Now own 1976 Alfasud circuit/road car [1.6], 1978 Alfasud Giardinetta [1.7], 1996 145 1.6, 2004 147 2.0 Twin Spark, 2001 Spider 3.0 V6