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  • Gasolina ·
    I think you can't go wrong with Billstein/Koni Red combination. Billstein make really good shocks and they work acceptable well with Berlina or Giulia. Short wheel base GT and Spider really need revalving at rear end.

    Eibachs lower front end quite much and what I have seen suspension works better with 10mm spacer between spring and pan. I have 10mm at driver side and 7mm at passanger side. Both spring pans need to be the shallow ones, otherwise the result is too much corner weight at driver side front end. You may allready know this all, just saying ;)
    junior333 ·
    right now i am with eibach 40mm lowering springs, and bilstein shock, but the rear is to hard and i was thinking to replace the rears with red koni
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