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  • tomcotez ·
    I saw your thread about noises coming from the diff, I have the same problem on an LSD differential which was rebuilt a couple of years ago - it has clanked between drive and overrun it since I installed it. There have been a couple of threads on this subject and it seems to be a common problem, and maybe an inevitable result of the design of the diff. Did you ever solve the issue?

    Best regards

    gadwhite ·
    I would check the measurment to make sure you have 134mm from the pivot to the Master cylinder mount. Just to be sure. If this is not what you are asking about just let me know.
    johndewaele ·
    Hello, With your help and guidance I was successful in replacing my pivot shaft. No problem getting the pin out. When putting it back in, I went from the interior. I used a bendable pick up shaft with the little claw on the end. I inserted the bolt into the hole, had my son move the pivot shaft as I applied pressure on the bolt (while still being held by the claw), with a long screw diver. It went right in. The toughest part was getting the clevis pin into the new shaft. I should have reamed out the paint while the shaft was out of the car. Do I still have to do the measurement if I did not change anything? Thanks again, John
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