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  • Dogga Dave ·
    Hello Frank.
    Yesterday we opened the shock absorber package you sent last year and the rear shocks appear quite different to the old Girling shocks that we removed on our 102 spider.
    The Koni numbers check out as to your forum add however the full extension is well short of the girlings. Also the Girlings are thicker.
    The car is upsidedown on a rotisserie which has made reassembly of the rear end onto the springs quite difficult, so I used the old shocks rather than mark the new koni ones should they still fit correctly. I will send a photo from my iphone so you can advise me if they are correct or if the factory has despatched the incorrect shocks in a box with the correct markings
    Dogga Dave.
    Vintre ·
    Hello Franco. I am glad you like my posts. To add text on top of pictures is relatively simple.

    You upload your pictures, I assume you know how to do that.

    Type your message in the post. Then right after you type what you want to say, you hit the attach icon, looks like a paper clip, and insert the picture you want. The picture will then be right under the text.

    Hope that helps.

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