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  • DPeterson3 ·

    How much for a 10204 wiring loom? How do you account for variations from car to car, and year to year?

    Lead time to ship?

    Don P.
    Dirk Spunkt ·
    Hi Franco.

    I'm looking for a Oil Sump for my Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider. Someone told me to ask you, maybe you can help.

    Would be great! I'm from germany, near cologne.

    ljdamore ·
    Hi Franco,

    I am very interested in the Rio 2300 parts. I have a 102 spider that I recently purchased that is in need of a lot of work. As I plan to rebuild the engine anyway, I really would like to enlarge the capacity.

    I would be interested in buying the incomplete engine, or as an alternative, I could buy just the crankshaft and obtain rods and Pistons here.

    Please let me know if you would consider this as well.

    Let me know if you have a price in mind, orhow you want to proceed.

    Thanks very much,

    Lou D'Amore
    Wilton, NH. USA
    pinshaw ·
    Looking for sheet metal for 1959 spider 2000
    would like prices/shipping on
    floorboards for front and rear
    rocker panels inner and outer
    spare tire holder
    rear valence
    front valence

    thank you

    Peter Inshaw
    San Jose, CA
    Redmerlin ·

    I have a lot of spares mainly mechnical but also some trim - top rail for screen, 3 chrome pieces for rear soft top hold down etc. I know where some screen posts are.

    Easier if you ask for what you need - I would like to trade for some door cards - just the board - I understand you have made some before. Please emal me on [email protected]


    Paulking ·
    Hi I have a 2600 spider. I'm looking for the chrome trim for below the doors. I understand a guy called Franco cam make them.could someone let me know if he still does and how to get in touch.
    elmar55916 ·
    Hi Frank
    I send the money on your account .
    My adress is ;Elmar Pitsch
    Im Spanischen 4
    54518 Niersbach
    Thanks a lot Elmar
    elmar55916 ·
    Good evening,
    i would be interested in the "Alfa 2000 touring spider instruction manual" you have on offer. Please let me know what your best price would be, including postage to Germany.

    Kindest regards,

    1900CJOE ·
    Hi Franco, not sure if you can help, I have a 1900C series 1. I am trying to track down a carburettor that will work with a twin carb abarth manifold, carb must be a 4 bolt carb.


    1800es ·
    Hi Franco,

    Do you have or know where I can get a used pair of 45 dcoe webers ? I would like them in decent shape wit maybe a rebiuld needed but first preference would be not?


    Tadini ·
    Dear Franco,

    do you happen to have a distributor housing for a 1308 engine for sale? Not the saloon version please, which has a different angle and sits more upright.


    Alfred Bauer
    Loza56 ·
    Hi, I'm looking for a floor panel for a 1960 2000 Touring. I may need a both drivers and passengers and one rear on.

    Think you,

    Hunter ·
    Hi Franco,
    Any chance that the NOS 2600 steering box ya posted pics of in 2005, is for sale ?
    Bruce Toski
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