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  • maxmax ·
    Hi Feasty,

    How are you down under?
    Thank you very much for your contributions.

    Please could you send me a copy of the diagram with the part throttle Twin Spark advance curve? (I cant read this in the AlfaBB, don't know why)
    What is the maximum advance in this engine in stock form?

    Many thanks!

    Boxer16 ·
    Hi Festy,

    About 6 months ago I bought a 1990 Alfa 33 Boxer 16V, with Powerchip installed.

    I've been chasing down a long list of issues, starting with rough idle, running rich and hesitation/flat-spot around 2500-3000rpm... after resetting the AFM (which was dialled way out), fixing vacuum leaks and blockages, changing dizzy cap, HT leads and plugs, I have the car running ok-ish, BUT only with fuel quality plug removed (open loop, no lambda).

    Anyway, it's all this that has made me really start thinking about diving deeper, possibly starting with a standard map (I downloaded a bin file you posted a long time ago) and working with a dyno tuner to get the best results.

    As far as I understand this would only be possible using the realtime board you were building about 2 years. Or perhaps there is an entirely better way to do what I need now?

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    For what it's worth, I'm in Sydney (Olympic Park) area.

    Desmoduc ·
    Hi festy
    i,m interested in the knockboard and have a few (other) qeustions
    send me pm to wilco.cwx @
    (remove the free space between x and g)
    cheers wilco.cwx
    1978alfa ·
    Hello. You come highly recommended with TwinSpark advice.
    I've got a strange issue with my TwinSpark.
    I'm suffering the exact same symptoms to this guy who has an L-Jet V6:

    Stumbling and hesitation, the idle drops to 900 RPM, but it does not cut off.
    No throttle response.
    Then it remembers what it was doing and carries on like nothing even happened.

    New are the AFM, crank sensor and ignition switch.
    Ignition modules?
    Faulty fuel pump?
    Any advice is welcome.
    ciscoci ·
    Hi Festy,
    I tryed to get in touch with you throught the tread A/C and Motronic, since I have a doubt on my '92 S4 Euro version Motronic: i'm installing A/C and I don't know how to let the ECU know it. Stephen by Squadra chip said to add extra air vlv if the ECU doen't self adapt.But the connection on Bosch chip says pin29 (A/C SWITCH) not internally coneected. To me this it means I'm not able to allow a dialog between the ECU and the A/C and so regulate the idle speed.Can we get in touch in the mentioned tread to speak about this matter? tahnk you in advance. Ciscoci
    giulietta88 ·
    Hi Festy,
    I follow and learn many things from your thread. I almost Finnish TS engine conversion onto Giulietta 116 The engine has 47mm int valves, 11:1 piston, lighten crank and original cam so need ecu Tuning. Please put me on your list for RT modules kit (with cable). Like many people, I also hope you will success on MAF conversion soon. That's more than perfect for Motronic 4.1 Cheer and thank you.
    alflyve ·
    Hello Festy,
    Are you still working on the Motronic oML4.1 of the Alfa 75 TS ? I was following your thread and waiting for the last version of your xdf file. I would understand if you'd like to close this study and go to something else.
    Thank you in advance...
    Storm_X ·
    Would you make another KIT (wiring and sensors only) if i payed you, to run on my NORD turbo engine ? Also is it easy to run it for 4x coil packs and a MAP sensor insted of the dizzy and AFM ?

    How much did it cost you all up in the end ?
    festy ·
    My inlet is from an '85 bosch spider, the plenum and fuel rail are my own. If I was doing it over, i'd just keep the carb inlet and add injector bungs and flanges to my plenum runners. The camira plenum is ok, but port sizes are wrong and the throttle body wasn't to my liking (i used a vr commodore one).
    The ecu/firmware will do up to 3 bar boost, you just need a different MAP sensor for 1+ bar.
    I got all my sensors, ecu and loom out of an n13 pulsar - they're common, and the ecu harness is separate to the rest of the wiring so just undo half a dozen plugs and pull it out.
    The sensors can also be scavanged from a vn commodore, again a cheap and common source.
    My conversion took me 6 months, but could have completed it in a couple of days if the motivation was there.
    Storm_X ·
    I guy i know has the camira intake manifold and the wiring but never got the sensors etc for the engine, and he got the EFI kit of a guy running it on a supercharged NORD.
    Storm_X ·
    No i dont, but i know a guy that has the kit but never got around to installing it to the car. I have also looked it up.

    How long did it take to to complete the set up ? also are you using the n13 Intake manifold ??

    Do you think your ECU could be tuned for a NORD turbo enigne ?
    festy ·
    This one was out of either an N13 Pulsar or a VN commodore - I can't remember which one I used - but yes, it's a garden variety Delco '808, same as the Camiras use.

    I modified mine with a (home-made) NVRAM module to replace the memcal (so I can tune on the fly) and added a USB port for faster data logging, as the '808s only do 160bps from the factory which is useless for tuning.
    The ECU is running a heavilly customised real-time firmware, with lots of added functionallity.

    Do you use one of these ECUs?

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