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  • Throttlefish ·
    You said "Found an NOS a couple of years ago and bought an extra, not cheap.
    I'll look thru my spares, believe I have one or two". Concerning the access cover for a center rear brake on a 86 quad. Do you still have one and are you willing to let it go? If not, where can you get them? Thanks, Tom
    Huggy ·
    Hey Elio,
    Just reviewing the 86 spider starts stop postings. Saw your comment on the FI-ECU. Do you still have the spare? I have tried about everything else, including relays, pumps, leaks, etc. Currently I am getting spark, fuel pressure and plenty of fuel at the input to the plemum (engine). Starts, runs a second or so, stops. Can u help?
    Simon Saivil ·
    Spider '86 won't start.


    Mechanic just called me. Cant get the spark. Got only one spark, and then none. Any thoughts and/or ideas? He is not familiar with Alfas. Is an electrical diagram for '86 Veloce available anywhere?


    Ken Moshier ·
    Thanks, Elio, for the reply. I'm having trouble responding via Private Messages. Does your rheostat switch have wiring attached? Is $20 reasonable?
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