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  • BKSouthFL ·
    Thanks Ed!
    I'm looking into that also; I have one upholsterer that will do it in leather for $400. Seems a bit on the high side.....There's a outfit in the UK that does them as a cover for the right hand drive Alfas ($200), but I would have to send the dash top to them as a pattern. How much did you pay to have yours done?
    GTD ·
    I'll buy the pair.
    My Bride is dragging me out of the house just now - will contact you in a few hours.
    PM a phone number to me and I'll call you.

    alfatrym ·
    Hello edsalfa , If you can get it shipped to Norway for around $40 , and you feel like sending it, I'll take the good one.
    Just let me know and I'll send my address if you want to look in to it .
    Regards ,Trym
    schaapm ·
    Dear Ed,

    I am highly interested in your Duetto!
    If the car isn't sold yet, I hereby commit myself in buying your car.

    I am located in the Netherlands (not in Nigeria:) ) and am willing to pay you in advance by PayPal or whatever is suitable for you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Marcel Schaap
    +6 5067323232
    [email protected]
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