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  • Austin Juneau ·
    Hi I understand Dabraham wants a 102 cast iron engine?
    I came across this need in an email to Glenn Gaudin in ME
    Im in NH and have a stuck engine for rebuild.
    my number 603 558-1111
    [email protected]

    I can deliver my engine if in a reasonable driving distance

    Thank you,
    Mike Juneau
    elsonite ·
    Hi Don,

    Do you know anyone that has new valve springs for the CI 2000 engines? I've searched the usual suppliers with no luck so far. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    davidbir ·
    Hello Don, I wonder if you can help me with something? I am building a 'Special' using a 2600 engine/gearbox. The gearbox I have has no angle drive for the speedometer cable-should it have? There is just a threaded flange sticking out at the rear-I assume an angle drive goes to that? Is the angle drive shared with other Alfas or is it unique to the 2600 do you know?
    Thanks, sorry to be a nuisance.
    David Birchall, Vancouver
    JJr ·
    Hello Mr. Peterson,

    I've seen many of your posts and was just reading your "full monty" thread, always loved the lines of the Montreal. I was hoping you could give me to your body shop, I'm up in Reno and was hoping I could find a local member with a reputable shop I could consult with regarding having my 1971 1750 GTV redone. Would love to drive down, take you to lunch and pick your brain on Alfa's.

    Thank you in advance.
    Joe Atencio
    mcorrallo ·

    I have followed your thread for a while and am interested in being the next caretaker of your Monty. I will be in Monterey for the auctions and wanted to get an idea from you what it is going to take to buy your car. The reason I ask is that it costs $200 to get bidder credentials at Russo & Steele and yours is the only car I am interested in bidding on. If it's within my comfort range, I'll get in on the action.

    -Mark Corrallo
    91spiderNV ·
    Hello don
    I sure could use your help since you know not a lot of alfas in reno/carson city area. I resurrected my 78 sedan from a backyard in reno. Mice took its toll on the wiring and im patching together the pieces.
    I havent dealt with twin webers before so im reading up and consult the bb.
    I usually hang out at the sierra invisible shield shop. Lots of intersting cars show up there. SIS | Sierra Invisible Shield | Your Clear Bra Specialists
    He does airplanes too.

    HeavyMetalAlfa ·
    Hey Don,
    I'll try Doug, and then list it.
    I was building my shop up to a point where I would be a full fledged shop, rather than just a rabid GTV6 enthusiast.
    But interference by a BB member cost me several sales and a lot of my enthusiasm.
    Also, my health is failing, I have congestive heart failure and have to be very careful not to stress.
    So, getting rid of all my parts and all of my cars except for 2 GTV6's and 2 Montreals.
    Big job, as I had 30 Alfas and a tractor trailer load of parts.
    Thanks for your suggestions,
    HeavyMetalAlfa ·
    Hi Don,
    I hope all is well with you.
    I have a 50's 2ltr engine I would like to find a home for. Has sat outside for a few years.
    I'd like $400 plus shipping.
    I am closing my shop in August, and have a ton of Alfa stuff to get rid of, mostly V6 era. I have a weathered Giullietta engine and trans too. Papajam recommended asking you for input.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Dr.G ·
    Do you know my Uncle Gary Boutz? I'm guessing you might.
    Retired American Airlines, Air Force Colonel.
    My pleasure. I've seen the picture in the parts book with the curved horns but I have not seen a set like that on a Montreal in the wild. I believe I've seen some with curved horns on eBay but there are a lot of different Fiamm horns available. I removed the hood so I could pull the horns out and go through the air compressor last time. The air-horns worked for about a week, after that they quit working again. I can hear the compressor turning so I am not sure what is wrong. Time to remove the hood again; last time I repainted the underside and replaced a stripped hinge bolt.

    I've been working on the Touring Roadster but need a new fog light bulb to arrive so I can put the turn signal/fog light assembly back in the car. The drivers side headlight is out as well but I can't seem get the headlight trim ring back off. Ive had them both off before when I replaced the lights with Carello headlights.
    Twincam69 ·
    Just saw your message referencing possible interest in a 4cyl Alfetta. I listed my '78 in Hemmings on line a couple of weeks ago. Take a look at the pictures. Not cheap but if it goes to a real enthusiast I'm flexible on the price. It's a beautiful car with extremely low mileage. I would love to keep it but my storage space here in Fort Lauderdale is limited and I've already bought the next Italian project. I've had some interest but there are a lot of flakes out there....
    Hampton Peterson
    19Spider59 ·
    Thanks for the Alfa Haven suggestion. They have the bracket at $40. which I consider to be a very fair price. Thanks again! It is on the way to Midlothian.

    pinshaw ·
    Don, thank you for the offer to get together
    cell is 408.930.8040
    let me know when you're in town, you mentioned 10 days
    Im racing at Laguna on the 21-22. but am around the rest of the time

    there is a guy selling a red 102 chasiss on ebay right now in Florida
    he emailed me that he is selling an extra set of wheels for $800 plus shipping
    I have some coming up from San Diego, so should be set.


    Federico II ·
    Dear Mr. DPeterson3,

    We are a group of students of the University of Naples "Federico II",
    master in Marketing & Service Management, and we are dealing with a case
    study on the brand features of the Alfa Romeo cars. So we are looking
    for someone who knows the essential characteristics and the history of
    the Alfa Romeo. And we would need a group of opinion leaders to
    interview until the final examination that we shall do by the end of
    next month. If you're available for a short interview about this
    classwork please answer to us as soon as possible so as to plan the
    interview in your favourite way online.

    Best regards,

    Carlo Ascione
    Daniela Sigillo
    Giovanni Pone

    Please answer us to our mail:
    [email protected]
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