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  • Leot ·
    Dear don000,

    I am a great Lancia fun and I want to congratulated you for the beautiful Flaminia turing spider that you have restored.I have a Fulvia 3 in the very similar white colour that was on your Flaminia and I just want to know it was a original color and if you changed bacause the gray is much better?

    G72 ·
    Hello Don
    I have 2 Weber 36 DO2 and 2 Weber 36 DO4 and I need some parts to repear them, please tell me if you have some parts to sell to me.
    Best regards
    jean noël
    Alex ·

    I stumbled across this tiny photo on the Jim Hayes website this morning (here) - looks like an A6, if not your A6? Further info about the photo album can be found here. Thought you might like to know.

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