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  • Mechanic ·
    Hi Damo,

    how is your Berlina going? Nice restoration! I have a 1750 Berlina that is undergoing a body restoration and am after some body sections. Specifically a RHS boot floor section a RHS (or LHS) outer sill and a RHS frame for the headlights. Its not much but may be more straightforward than fabricating these bits.



    1969read ·
    Damo like your car, how much will you let her go for...... Jason
    0418 397 803 cheers
    I have the same car but have not had the time to restore. and have a house and business to work on.
    Kiwiboy105 ·
    Hi Damo
    Quick question for you if I may. I have a 74 Le Mans Blue 2000GTV running Momo Vega rims with Pirelli P400 185/75 14 rubber. I noticed you had the Momo rims too. What rubber are you running and how well does the car handle?

    Damo105 ·
    Ah ok, thanks for the info. I'll probably stick with original lights, but was just curious what lights you used. Cheers!
    Mick 68 ·
    Yeah mate they are dual beam lights as for what brand they are I'm not sure, but what i can tell you is there of a Kenworth Truck. I can find out what model they are if you really want?
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