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  • TannerTrent ·
    I just joined this forum and saw your red alfa. Its a 1976 if I remember correctly. I met you back in the early 80's. I lived in Louisville and would frequently autocross at Commonwealth stadium. Also sometimes up at GE in Cincy. Anyway, I fell in love with your car way back then. I was only 18 or so at the time. I asked you a couple of questions about your car and you took a lot of time and explained to me all about them. You made an impression on me. So much so that I went out and bought one of my own. A 74 Spider. I still have it in fact. I'm now doing a restoration with my two boys now. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I appreciated you taking time to talk to me all those years ago.
    Scuderiazane ·
    Before the changed to the stainless bumper, you said that you cut your rubber bumper and retracted it. How did you do that. What did you use to cut and I didnt quite get what the "square" was you left in place. I have a 1974 grill I want to mount in the center.


    wingwalker ·
    Hi George,
    Yes, I'd love to get some wisdom on roll bar height/placement and seat mounting from you. I downloaded drawings of the aluminum Kirkey seats (10 degree and 20 degree slope-back versions). As soon as it warms up a tad (11 degrees F in the barn right now) I'll do some measuring. I'm 5'11" with a rather long torso, so I'm guessing I'll find a good location for the driver's seat and bolt it to the floorboards to get the lowest postion. But I'll defer to your wisdom and experience.
    I purchased the roll bar from a bb member It is like those sold by Centerline and IAP. I set it into the car and it does fit under the top with some room to spare. It's a four-point with a cross bar. On this board I read that the bar can be higher and still fit under the top, but then to use the top it requires unbolting the frame to get the top up and down. To raise this bar, I'm thinking a steel box of sorts could be made as a mount to gain another inch or two.
    Your thoughts?
    jefft711 ·
    Sorry George, I jumped the gun. Reading a little further, I found the online reference to the article. on
    jefft711 ·
    I read on the bb that you have an article about shimming a limited slip differential.
    Do you think you could email that to me?

    I ran my diff oil too low and ruined the front pinion bearing. I tore the thing apart and replaced the bearing but have never done this before and am reading all the warnings about how difficult it is to set these up right when putting them back together.
    Any additional info I could get my hands on would be appreciated. The manuals I have don't have enough detail for this. I must not have the right manual.

    Jeff Thomas
    conedriver ·
    Hi Bob,

    We were at a SCCA Divisional championship near Kokomo. Unfortunately, the car broke but it's probably just a shift fork bolt in the tranny. Need to get it fixed for the SCCA Solo nationals in Nebraska next month.

    fiatosca ·
    Hi George

    Did I see you dragging your Spider through Carmel today? I'm in town for a tennis tourney at Carmel High School and thought I saw you go by.

    Bob Boniface
    conedriver ·
    Hi Bill,

    I have done the LSD setup and have an article for this - somewhere. I will dig it out later today.
    Your message came in as a "visitor message", rather than a PM. I'm not sure if I am doing the reply correctly so please let me know if you get this.

    Bill-Sims ·

    My LSD is shot--Jemison set it up for 55% lock up about 3 years ago. I've pulled it, and am ready to set it up again, but can't find any info about setting it up. Any ideas?

    Right now it is soaking in Purple Power...the Redline oil was pretty much toast, and Richard says the clutches may be glazed. Too much hp for the lsd....

    Bill Sims
    conedriver ·
    The wheels are Centerline "Autodrag". Check the Centerline wheels website; the bolt pattern is the same as the old Mustang 5 Liter cars with four bolt wheels. I bought 8 wheels many years ago, and don't have part numbers, but please let me know if you need additional information. Almost forgot, the wheels are 9.00x15 inch with 4 1/2 in. backspace.

    George Schweikle
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