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  • nickoo ·
    Hi Peter
    I hope you had a great Easter.
    I am very interested in the Duetto Carello headlights.
    Hope all is ok.
    Best Regards
    VabeneGTV ·
    Hi, I don't see the ad in the classifieds, (ot at least I couldn't find it) can you tell me more about these items. Thanks, Fran
    davesam ·
    Hi saw your post re garage - I am located in the UK and am seriously thinking about obtaining a montreal - would welcome an owners thoughts re pros / cons since most post focus only on cons. This looks a serious car so welcome any opinion


    Alfa42 ·
    I thought I would send you some pics of my Spiders but I am not that sharp. I will come back when i figure it out.
    Peter, purple monty & New Jersey all sounds too familiar. I suspect your last name starts with a D. and you were with Alfa (or Alpha?) making jewelry about 15 years ago; right? Mark Strohauer here from Georgia, just stopped by to say Hi when I saw your car photo etc. on Don's post about his orange Monty. Now I am working with Alpha Wire and Rod sales as an independent rep. through SMG, Inc. Best regards, Mark
    classicalfas ·
    I totally agree with you. I will PM you from now on. Haven't had a chance to check prices yet but will do this week, very busy with work. Peter.
    South Africa ·
    Hello Peter,

    Thank you.

    I do not really understand how 'this messaging system' you and I are using at the moment works. It seems I get your message and after I read it it 'disappears'.


    classicalfas ·
    Hi Carlo, don't worry about anything. This week I'll check with the US Post Office and I'll get a price from Fedex too. I'll let you know. Peter.
    South Africa ·
    Hello Peter,

    I apologize for the long time between your reply and my reply tonight. I have been very busy with retail sales - January.

    I did receive your message about the postage etc however I am unable to find it. It is not in my PM box. I thought it was under visitor messages - not there.

    Well anyway please send message to me via PM or use my e-mail at carlo_nardini at hotmail dot com. I would like to purchase the item - I think you said $ 264 - if need be please revise the price as I would like it posted with tracking/recorded. I would like to pay you using paypal so I would need your e-mail address.


    ice305 ·
    i'm new to this board & looking at buying a 69duetto...
    please if i may ask you a question in ref. to a comment you made ref. the wheels/tires you have on your duetto:
    you said you had "205 55 15's and they are not too wide, no rugging"
    what size wheels do you have?
    can you recommend a specific size (looking to buy panasports)?
    anything to watch-out for?
    thank you for your help,
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