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  • bianchi1 ·
    hi:) from what i understand, the s4 fuse box is no diff. from a later s3 fuse box. all will fit a s3 early car( 1984 ) plug and play fuse box..
    Tom Griffis ·
    I have a shallow bat wing in prestine condition, but it comes as a unit, upper and lower for $50. ++s/h. Picture on request.
    alfaholico ·
    Mike, Dino Pappous here. Re: the Montreal, I'm not so sure this guy is being forthright. I showed the car to Vic Cerami and we called him about it. If you closely look at the engine bay photos in the link provided, it really doesn't look low mileage. Also, the selller acknowledges that many panels have been repainted. Finally, in the body of the thread, someone (I forget whom), physically inspected this car. His observation was rust visible in a few spots and although a very nice car, perhaps one that photographs better than it actually is. $30 K is at the top of the market and I am a little suspicious of this guy. JMHO. Dino
    GordZ ·
    Hi Mike & Kathy,
    Great Story on retreaving your Alfetta. Good to hear from you again. We have just retrurned from the Mount Tramblant, Quebec - Shell Historic's had a great weekend with 5 other cars. Saw some faboulous hystoric racing. We didn't get to the convention this year, conflicting dates. Is Kathy getting you a new keyfob for the Alfetta? Keep intouch.
    Gord & Sue doing well in Bobcaygeon, Ont.
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