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  • 73veloce ·

    I attended the Chicago Convention in 2005?. I was wondering if you know, did the Chicago club produce a poster for the event?

    I am trying to collect posters to all the AROC conventions I attended.

    P.S. I grew up in Oak Park but have been living in Seattle for 30 years.


    tarnow ·
    I wanted you to know that I agree wholeheartedly with your recent post regarding the level and volume of petty, arrogant, and mean spirited criticism that now permeates the ABB classifieds. Last year I sold my very nice, tutti originale '69 Giulia Super. My selling strategy was as follows: 1)I posted a message (not as strongly as yours) that expressed my distaste for the level criticism found on the ABB classifieds. 2)In the post I made mention that I was going to sell my car in a month or so but 3)I would not be posting on the ABB. 4)Within three days of the post I heard from 5 local potential buyers.
    alfaloco ·
    Ciao Chi Si Dici-- I've posted photos this evening on my thread. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd like to get $75 USD for the grille. Thanks for your interest!

    Dave Jarman
    Lexington KY USA
    Carmelo hi,

    It was great talking with you about Alfas and Alfa collectors this afternoon.
    I think this will take you to the Thread for my original posting of last August.
    ( For Sale: The Finest Original 1750 Roundtail Spider in the World )
    I'll also send a direct email when I figure that out.
    Thanks again,

    Jerry Hamen [email protected] or 773-549-1200
    voletto ·
    hello. would apreciatre if you tell me whether you are still intereseted in the crome stipe for the giulia bonnet.
    sent you the requested pics already by email

    Zagato_Olaf ·
    Thanks for your response you gave me earlier! I should rephrase my question:

    I saw your Trinachia on a flag on a medieval house in Germany (I think).
    Was the 'Trinachia' a Sicilian 'thing' only or was it also spread across Europe?

    Ciao, Olaf
    Zagato_Olaf ·
    Hello Chi Si Dici,

    Could you tell me where your beautifull avatar comes from?
    I have seen it before as a flag, hanging from a medieval house.

    Ciao, Olaf
    Chi Si Dici ·
    Hi Olaf,

    My "avatar" is the symbol of the Sicilian "Trinachia". It's been around for two thousand years. Most have been inspiration for the inner "Abarth" colors.

    A presto,
    Zagato_Olaf ·
    Hello Chi Si Dici,

    Thanks for the beautiful TZ-pictures. I have a question for you.
    Could you tell me what the meaning of your avatar is? I have seen it before, like it very much and am really curious.

    Ciao! Olaf
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