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  • Griffo ·
    I gather from your avatar that you have a GTV6. as the WorldWide registry of '6's got corrupted, I've started my own, presently up to about 100. would like to add yours (or see if I already have it entered) - the plan is to (when "complete") to convert to post as a pdf (searchable, but changes, entries would be done by me, and then the up-dated, posted. the hope being that it would not get corrupted by user "additions"

    please email me your: VIN, build date (full, if known, if not the month and year from the build-date plate on the driver's side door jam), body color, interior color, location of the '6 (by state only, for confidentiality)

    my email address: [email protected]

    do I know you (I don't recognize the bb name) are you a customer if Joe LoRe/Alfa Import Center, Woodside, Queens, NY? I am (for many years now) and usually can be found there on Saturday mornings.
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