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  • Alfabjorn55 ·
    Hi Carl

    The 00367 was in traffic until -65, then dismounted in pieces and stored in garage for nearly 40 years. Sold to previous owner who made the renovation of engine, gearbox and transaxle. I have owned the car since one year and you can follow my work in the tread published here att BB last week.

    Please feel free to ask questions!

    carl750 ·
    I will try to dig into this in a week ............ traveling now ......if you don't here from me, send me a reminder
    Calfa ·
    I would first like to applaud your passion for Alfas. Your work is amazing as well as your documentation process. I am having some trouble finding the difference between a 1961 sprint normale and sprint veloce and was hoping you can shed some light on the matter. I'm in the process of restoring a 57 spider veloce and wow did a lot change from a normale to a veloce. I'm curious if the sprint is the same way. I understand the mechanical side of things such as motor and drivetrain upgrades but I'm having trouble finding the little things. For example, the scroll/badging on the front fenders are different, radio delete, no antenna hole in fender etc... With your documentation skills I have have seen through your post, I was hoping you have a list or friend of said differences between the two. I don't mind my personal info if you prefer it. Thank you for your time and help. Thank you!

    Kind regard
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