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  • JJr ·

    Thank you for your response to my post on my 71 1750 GTV, I read your post on your window sill repair ( I applaud your going for it)
    I've had the last few days off and have removed the entire interior except for the dash and upper console.
    I've moved to the exterior and was wondering if you have any thoughts or reference manuals on how to remove the sill chrome and rear windows and chrome.
    I removed the windshield chrome with help from a heat gun. Stripping the paint will be my next endeavor.

    Thank you in advance

    I see you're into cycling, I used to own a Masi frame Campi groupo back in the 80's LOL

    Alfajay ·

    Just thought of something else: I assume you are a bicycle enthusiast. If you do talk with Alberto, be sure to bring this up. He is a devoted rider.

    Alfajay ·

    I just saw your message from April 26th. Don't know why the BB didn't notify me that you had sent it - sorry to seem like I was ignoring you.

    The metal work on my Sprint GT (as well as my 1970 BMW) was done by Alberto Ferroni at Ital Meccanica in Huntington Beach. The address and phone # are: 15562 Producer Lane, 714 893 5096. Alberto knows an incredible amount about metal work, as well as mechanicals and paint. He has become more of a Porsche 911 restorer of late, as that's where the money is. However, he has done Alfa restorations for myself and at least two other OC Alfa owners - he knows Alfa bodies pretty well. Feel free to mention that I referred you if you decide to talk with Alberto.


    Jay Mackro
    jmackro @
    101/105guy ·
    Hi Gene !
    I used Als Headers in Anaheim a few years ago for my GTV. Not sure if they are still around. Here's their ph # 714-630-1833
    The other place I know of is in Huntington Beach, but I will have to hunt up their buisness card.
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