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  • type 32 ·
    Hello Brian,

    I have a gta and had a very beat up radiator/oil cooler shroud that came with the basket case. I purchased an Alfaholics one to complete the car but would prefer the original part. Is it still available? If so, do you have an idea of a price? I've been around Alfas for a long time but pricing still eludes me. If you have an idea of what you may want or accept, please let me know.

    Thank you.


    91spiderNV ·
    My alfetta sedan is not going to be ready for the track time event at the convention. Is there a refund on the $195 i paid or can i sell the slot to someone else to take my place?
    Alfetta has donut and clutch problems and need replacement from the last event. Problem is they are worn and need replacement due to track driving.
    Griffo ·
    Brian: long time no speak (my fault - sorry). anyway (and while I'll try to track you down by phone), I never did get around to doing anything about my Sony PS-x55. I did buy a used/reconditioned Akai AP100 (not the "best: but works for my purposes.

    anyway, the point of this really is to ask if you want my PS-x55? your's for the cost of shipping (whatever way you want it shipped).

    give me a shout 212-684-6655, or email: [email protected]

    PS - how's the racing season been for you?
    Griffo ·
    Brian: long time since Lime Rock and AROCCT. still have same GTV6, but not time trialing anymore (got down to I was told 1:06, but best timed lap was 1:08.3 with CART, trashed the 2.5 at the Glen, now a 3.0) but 24, 25 days a season on a flag station mostly with PDA (which is now NASA Northeast). How are you?

    anyway, my old (bought new 1982?) Sony PS X55 turntable finally died - platter does not turn - belt? so I Googled Sony PS X55 and came across a bshorey who bought 1 about 15 months ago, so I figured how many bshoreys can there be?

    any source for tech manuals, parts etc.

    pm me on the bb - griffo; email me at [email protected]; or phone - 212-684-6655
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