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  • bruceng ·

    Wow, I saw your post, but thought it was too old to respond to. Actually, it's just a plain GT dash I am looking for but I think it may be the same dash. Yours seems to have the right holes and the glove box opening. Some seem to not have the glove box opening and I didn't want to have to cut an opening and leave rough edges.

    Any idea why these don't seem to be very popular? What made you change your mind about using it?
    There are a few grommets along the top, I think for the cap (it's a little inaccessible at the moment). I'm hoping those are not a killer to get right.

    I am interested. Let me give it a couple days to sink in and see if anyone else chimes in to talk me out of it. After reading the thread in the Vendor Review section I am little wary of Vintage Customs. I'm sure he has good intentions, but, signs of distress can undo those in short order.

    Let me think on it a little. How much less could you sell it for?


    classicalfas ·
    Hi Bruce, I see your looking for a GTA dash, I happen to have one. I purchased it from Anthony Ramicci (Italcarguy)out in CA, but instead used what I had. It is very nicely made and very accurate. Here is the link when I put it up for sale in the classifieds a couple of years back. I can send new photos if you need too. I paid $550 and had it listed for $500 with no takers, will sell it for less if your interested. Let me know. Thanks, Peter.
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