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  • tarnow ·
    Hi Bill-I'm looking for the plastic shelf (under glovebox) for my '69 Berlina. I read a thread where you posted that you might have one available. If so, I'd like to purchase it please. I'm in Chicago. Thanks, Todd 978-273-5211
    Schnetty ·
    Hi Bill,

    I'm working on a 71 GTV that came with a blown 1750 engine. It also came with a 'fresh" 1750 engine with weber DCOE 40 MM carburators. Where things are a bit onfusing for me is with regard to the flyweel. The one on the "fresh" 1750 is a 105 tooth gear ring. From what I've read on the AlfaBB, 105 toothed flywheels are for 1600 engines and not 1750's. I've been trying to find a definitive method for identifying the block that I have. I shutter to think that it's actually a 1600 and not a 1750. I've just poured a boat load of money into carrillo rods, pistons, and wetliners for a 1750 rebuild. Plus I did stage 4 head work on the head. Essentially, I could have a 1600 engine with a stage 4 head with 1750 pistons, rods, and wetliners. UGH!

    Any thoughts or words of encouragement? I think I may be getting sick in a minute.
    Little Italian ·
    In regards to your question about the belly pan for a Duetto.

    I had a Duetto for a few years and was going to use this part for replacement of the Belly pan. Obviously I was going to have to cut and flange the panel to fit the part decending from the duetto grill. Not to try to push my part.......

    Bud Feigel
    Lexington, Kentucky
    Morjenka ·

    Are you still selling the spica pump?
    If yes, I would love to buy it.
    I am located in Sweden (Uppsala, near Stockholm).

    Duettonomore ·
    Hi Bill,

    The one wrench for the distributor is a basic aftermarket wrench - $5.00 The injection wrench is $25.00 $30.00 for both plus shipping. Does that work for you? Regards, Tom
    CLeopold ·
    The fellow who had a GTV done at the place in Seattle is Peter D., here in NJ, but I don't know his screen name. Is there anyway to get someone's screen name i you know his 'real' name? It was nice talking to you today about GTV restoration woes! -Clay L., NJ
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