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  • humpster ·
    Hi, Dave here with Silver GTV6, I am expecting to put the GTV6 on the market in about 4-6 weeks. I bought the car from Alexandra in the South Island, drove it back to Akld. I paid $6k sight unseen, just have to have it, but always wanted a white one.....
    Spent about $1200 on the car since, tints, rust, wheel bearings, CD Tuner Parrot bluetooth kit, Koni's. Car will come with a very good spare 2.5 from a 75. Engine was reconditioned. I have no proof of this except from the previous sellers word. Looking at the engine it's clear that it has bee opened up as some stage as the gaskets seals etc look new. I have robbed the sump off it for my 3.0l but the sump off the silver car could be used. Why does the car come with a spare engine? Cos the car engine smokes a little on start up... worn valve guides quicker that the white one though. Will keep you posted, let you know prior to listing. Looking for $5800.....hope to get close to what I paid for it excluding expenses of ownership etc
    Selen ·
    hi aaron,

    this is gavin (nick Selen). i have a friend who is picking up a 147 tomorrow in auckland and he was asking me about a owner's manual. do u think u can get in touch with him? his name is simon and email [email protected]

    aaron, why don't u ask your brother to join us at our auckland meet/burn-off. we are a couple of guys who is pretty hardcore boy-racer wannabes. let me know ok? cheers
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