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  • Rockman ·
    The car is available and no one has closed on it yet. I am open to an offer is you want to make one. No matter how serious buyers are talk is cheap and I need to sell quickly.
    Veep ·
    Hi Per,

    Ik heb een set van buitenaf instelbare KONI schokdempers zoals door autodelta gemonteerd/geleverd, productie jaar 1971, revisie , daarna niet gemonteerd geweest, testbankuitdraaien erbij en instelinstructies.

    Speciale set, komen eigenlijk nooit zomaar te koop, nu beschikbaar wegens andere plannen met project.

    Indien belangstelling hoor ik het wel, gr Walter. (NL)
    PAUGNUT1275 ·
    I trust that you made it home safely. I didn't know if I should use your office e-mail, so I'm contacting you via the BB for now. I'm interested that you might have spare GTA parts. I think that I have most of what I need to fix my car, but I'll try to make an inventory. I have an incomplete close ratio gear set. Would you have a close ratio 1st and 2nd gears? Do you have any extra body parts? I'll try to figure out what else I might need. Are you looking for anything for your car?
    You mentioned the Rindt GTA that your friend might sell. Are there any pictures of it available?
    Thanks, Keith
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