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  • dennism ·
    Hey there Jeff,

    Long time no contact - my problem entirely, but today you came to mind.

    When you moved, didn't you sell your stripped 164 car to someone in Tulsa? I thought you did.

    Yesterday, one of the local infidels hit my car in the left rear, and I'm afraid it's going to take a rear left clip to fix it. I am hoping that you can steer me to one.....

    Otherwise, I hope things are going as you hoped out there in the West wildlands, and all is well with you. Later. Dennis Martin, Oswego, KS.
    themick ·
    Jeff I will give you a call either tonight or tomorrow..I am thinking about selling the Alfa a getting a Boxster...I will be asking $8500 for the Alfa..what do you think of the price...?
    Gagliardi ·
    The valve ices up due to excessive drop do pressure at the valve. Not knowing the high or low pressure reading, its hard to diagnose. You could have air in the system or the screen at the entrance of valve could be plugged. Has the system been recharged recently? Keep me posted. Good luck!!
    Edgewood Alfa ·
    I have much the same problems as you - stuck (non-working) temp gauge, fuel pressure light I'm working on (my sensor works, but the light isn't going on). I've got a 74 GTV. If you discover anything when working on the gauges, I'd be much obliged for any info. I won't be addressing it for a few months, I figure (I have a few other things ahead of it on the list).

    Chris Lyon
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